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So my President can act swiftly? But how far can he?

So my President can act swiftly? But how far can he?

My attention is drawn to an article written by the Editor of Global Times publication dated March 9th 2016 by Sorie Fofana  in which he rhetorically asked about the prompt action taken by the President in sacking his two ministers over the disgraceful attitude displayed by these two public servants. In the article, Sorie asserts that the decision of the president to sack the disgraced ministers was the right decision and at the right time.  I applaud the effort of the president but with a snag in the tail of the action.

I am happy today that I stood for some hours in 2007 to vote for Mr. President, however, my decision to criticize my president on issues bordering national concern is my utmost responsibility to fulfill my desire to serve my conscience and my mother’s aspirations to see the country thrive. It is foolhardy to say that the two ministers disgraced and disappointed their families and friends and the country.

  In this article, my preoccupation is to treat the vacuum created by this presidency. Mr. President, why did you decide to treat so swiftly to sledge your hammer on these two ministers when other cabinet ministers have committed the same crime?  There are times when I like the decisions of the president and there are times when I bow my head and doubt the rationale of certain decisions. My President, was it not few months ago when  a senior government  Minister had an altercation with both his wife and his girlfriend   at the Lungi International Airport and rather it was the security guard who  allowed the wife  of the minister to go through immigration barriers   face the sack? Oh, in case I forget, was it not in the full eyes of the public that two of  your ministers were trading invectives at the Stadium Hostel in the presence of the press?

Hmmm, my attention is drawn to the swift action and I applaud you for that. However, what is good for the goose should be good for the gander. The spate of lawlessness in government circles and lesser areas of public life is a major concern for the younger generation. Your decisions in attacking national issues should be done without fear or bias. There are numerous cases where Ministers and public servants have demonstrated high degree of recklessness and abuse of power and have gone free of the nail.  That was not the dream I had when I stood in my neighborhood to cast my vote for you.

Mr President, why should you allow over five ministries to go vacant for over several months? What is the message being sent to international investors whose desire is to invest in the country? No investor would like to engage in a business environment that is characterized by uncertainty. Are you insinuating that the APC has no qualified candidates to fill these vacancies? Assuming the opposition have  qualified candidates, why not make use of their resources as it is geared towards nation building ? Does your action to leave key ministries vacant not supporting the view held by the opposition that APC has few educated people in their camp?

Mr President, I am perturbed and disturbed by events in the country as these vacancies are breeding uncertainty, insecurity and fear in the country.  Very soon, the people of Sierra Leone will start raising their heads looking for your successor and it is your legacy that will judge you. There is still time on your side to turn around the tidings and let your legacy speak for you.

As I sit in my house today, I think of the sacrifices made by millions of Sierra Leoneans in electing you to the highest office of the land. Please, please stop rotating old politicians and appoint fresh faces to serve the country.

May God bless Sierra Leone.

Ibrahim Sourie Mansaray, Philadelphia, Usa

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