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Joseph Fitzgerald Kamara: a look at the next president of Sierra Leone

Joseph Fitzgerald Kamara: a look at the next president of Sierra Leone

Every five years, voters in Sierra Leone are called upon to choose a president who will lead the country. It is believed that any Sierra Leonean president hoping to stake a claim to being viewed by future generations as great and transformative — or at least very good and effective — would be wise to choose his predecessor well.

With endless feisty campaigns, monumental promotions and advertisements, and media analysis, voters have to deal with a lot of information when deciding on whom to vote for in the next presidential election. The proliferation and easy access to social media has added its own complex nexus to the growing challenges associated with vetting potential presidents.

To that end, President Ernest Koroma, the All People’s Congress, and by extension the majority of Sierra Leoneans will no doubt benefit from preferring the charismatic, development oriented, and intellectually sound, Joseph Fitzgerald Kamara to lead the nation in furtherance of the stacks of development priorities the president has accumulated during his two-terms at the helm of power.

Out of all the names that have been floating around to succeed President Koroma, there is none aptly positioned and armed with the required gravitas it takes to lead a nation that is wailing and gnashing its teeth for continued progressive development. To continue making impacts in Sierra Leone, organizational leadership is a key characteristic for any successful president. Usually, presidents depend on a large team of advisers to help them make informed policy decisions. A good quality for Joseph Kamara is his ability to organize an effective team and then get as much as possible out of that team. Because a president should be able and willing to debate with advisers on the merits of a given decision in order to bring in as many different viewpoints to important decisions as possible.

Another good beginning point for a Joseph Kamara’s presidency is one with impressive knowledge about issues regarding the development and challenges of the country. Because of Joseph Kamara’s unique position as Commissioner of the anti-corruption commission, he is by far the most knowledgeable relative to other presidential aspirants regarding the issues affecting ordinary Sierra Leone. His deeper understanding has enabled him to discuss them freely with stakeholders, partners, the media, and the public. This aspect of Joseph Kamara comes in as a valuable asset because the more informed a candidate is on the issues, the more detailed he can be in policy prescriptions and vision for the future of Sierra Leone.

If voters are looking at personal moral qualities, they won’t have to look any further. Joseph Kamara is in a class of its own in that respect. As Sierra Leoneans continue to search deeply into their souls, they will now be looking beyond the issues into candidate’s personal moral character. The perceived honesty and trustworthiness of John Kamara will be a life saving tool for the All People’s Congress in the next election. By virtue of the anti-corruption experiences as well as other prior positions served, it becomes very easier for a voter to make a value judgment based on the information they have.

Joseph Kamara, a towering figure in ensuring a balanced and fair playground for all will very much champion the cause of Sierra Leone as a whole. In spite of the political and socio-economic challenges confronting the country, JFK will give hope to the country through holding strong to basic principles of good governance-strengthening democracy, freedom of speech, conflict resolution as well as entrenching civil rights and poverty reduction.

If the All People’s Congress Party (APC) will distance itself from the political quagmire and leadership dysfunction surrounding the SLPP camp, and instead rally around JOSEPH FITZDERALD KAMARA for president, victory for the party and the people of Sierra Leone in 2018 will be as easy a prospect as reading A B C.

Dr. Christian F. Sesay Jr.

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