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What’s happening with our Ambassadors?

What’s happening with our Ambassadors?

Patriotic editors of the Sierra Express Media and New People Online, who published few days ago my piece about the unpatriotic activities of the Sierra Leonean embassy in Germany, I wish to thank you for your relentless effort in bringing to the world the latest development in and about our beloved Sierra Leone; and wish to seize this opportunity again, to dedicate one or two words to the self-styled commentator, Mr. Joseph Seidu Sherman and the rest of his sycophant colleagues who are attacking decent people in online newspapers in the name of President Koroma and his APC administration.  Before going further, I must make it crystal clear that this piece is not a direct response to Mr. Sherman’s seven paragraphs repeatedly sending the same message: “I hate the New People Online; I hate SLPP; APC is the best political party in the world; President Koroma shall rule forever; I’m yarning for recognition which might pave my way into the corrupt game”.   What I’m about to do however, is to send him and his cohorts few more questions since they are yet to officially respond to my first article – particularly the question whether their Foreign Minister, Haja Zainab Hawa Bangura is aware of the increment in consular fees and the illegal passport deals perpetuated by the embassy in Germany.

When the New People Online questioned Ambassador Christian Kargbo’s dignity shortly after his appoint to represent our country at Brussels, many people including myself referred to it as political propaganda.  Few days ago, an anonymous writer revealed to the world what is currently happening at the Sierra Leonean embassy and the ambassador’s home in Brussels, which clearly vindicates New People Online.  Is the Foreign Minister Haja Zainab Hawa Bangura aware? If yes, what has she done in that regard?

“Sierra Leonean woman under bondage in Libya” was a report published last year by both New People Online and Sierra Express Media implicating Dr. Mohamed Samura; a political chameleon who is still serving as Sierra Leonean ambassador in Libya.  What did the Foreign Affairs Minister Haja Zainab Hawa Bangura do in that regard?

Last Month, the deputy Sierra Leonean Ambassador in Guinea slapped one of the female staff attached to the embassy and it was reported by Standard Times Press.  What did the Foreign Affairs Minister Haja Zainab Hawa Bangura do in that regard?

The Sierra Leonean ambassador to Russia, Dr. Saliu Turay, is believed to have been declared persona non-grata by Russia authorities after his family was found guilty of immoral acts.  Is it not shameful for an official representative of a whole republic to be expelled from the country he is assigned? Is it true that before Ambassador Saliu Turay was expelled the Russian authorities made several complaints to Haja Zainab Hawa Bangura who failed to act before time?

So Self-styled commentator Mr. Sherman, now that you are parading in the middle of nowhere with APC symbols on your head simply because you come from the northern part of Sierra Leone and therefore think now is your time to gain political recognition through sycophantic support of the ruling system even when failing, and blind loyalty to the president even when he is wrong, has it ever occurred to you that the above retrospectives are dangerous signs for our country’s foreign relations?

Finally, let me rephrase and reintegrate my main question again: did Haja Hawa Zainab Bangura mandate Ambassador Stevens in Germany to collect Le 300,000 equivalent in Euros (600€) for citizenship renunciation forms?

Is president Koroma’s attitudinal change campaign and the loudly acclaimed rebranding effort holding water? Only the hypocrite, opportunist and tribalist believe so; I don’t.

Hassan B. Mansarray, Munich-Germany

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  • My Friends,
    We must be wary of all those masquerading as writers, and people concern about the rights, and development of our country, and people, most especially, Mr. Joseph Seidu Sherman. As the writer of the article, What’s happening with our Ambassadors?” described Mr. Joseph Sherman -self-styled commentator, I agree. Mr. Joseph Seidu Sherman moves from one community to the next. One minute, he is a Liberia, and the next, he is a Sierra Leonean. He is an opportunist. He changes his tongue when there is something to be gained.
    Same way he lives his life- one day, a man of God, the next he is on the other end doing something contrary to the church, and something outside of Islam.
    Most of Joseph Seidu Sherman’s writings are not only repeat, but things he copies from other people work. Read his earlier work, and compare his writings these days, you will see the difference.
    Recently, I saw a chat he wrote a friend, asking our brother whether this brother ran away from the US because of child support. Now this bo, this self style commentator, I mean Joseph seidu sherman is not shame enough, because he has pekin everywhere in the USA. He is a useless man, sle , because he has pekin everywhere, irresponsible man and a shame to our people and our country, SaLeone. Anyone Joseph seidu sherman condemn, or hate has some decency. Morals, values, responsibility, are things that are far from Joseph Sherman. So if this Bo says he hates New People Online, and SLPP, that means they are better off without the likes of Mr. Joseph seidu sherman.
    Lets be careful the brothers we invite in our groups because this Bo, Joseph Seidu sherman is a fake. He is an opportunist, a looser looking for recognition. SaLeone do not need someone like Mr. Joseph Seidu sherman in power.

    18th May 2010
  • Sierra Leone’s Ambassador to the Kingdom of Belgium and the European Union, Dr. Christian Sheka Kargbo has described Sierra Leone as a paradise on earth and extends an open invitation to all, especially the Europeans who’ve never been there to visit the country and prove a point.

    Moment how can European visit Sierra Leone with so high visa fees inposed on them and the cost of hotels in Sierra Leone. Does this man really want the Europeans to visit SL? then let it be visa free like another African countries and better accomodation.

    I am starting to be angry over our talk talk politicians. I paid almost 300 euros in December for visas for me, my husband and kid just to visit Sierra Leone. Is that not too much? I dont know what others paid in the US but for us in Germany we are getting feedup.

    Kadiatu, Mainz

    28th April 2010
  • good for you . I do

    27th April 2010

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