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A second international airport should be a priority on President Koroma’s agenda for prosperity

A second international airport should be a priority on President Koroma’s agenda for prosperity

If enemies of peace, progress, unity and development Ebola Virus Sierra Leoneans are openly launching a very negative campaign against the construction of a new modern international airport in the country that will bring in immense benefits for our poor people, especially the youths and will also put the country in the map of modern world level in terms of international airports, why Sierra Leoneans for peace and development lovers should not stand firm and launch their positive campaign in support of a very historic viable modern entity Mamammah Airport project for the benefit of the nation, particularly when there are available means to continue with the program?

In view of that this is an open call to all true and honest patriotic Sierra Leoneans in the country and abroad, especially to our brothers and sisters who are peace and development oriented not to relent in pursuing the campaign in support of the revival of the Mamammah International Airport project in the country. To ensure that by all possible means the construction of the new international airport in the country be one of the priorities in the agenda for prosperity list of President Koroma’s APC government for the benefit of the nation.

Particularly because of the great benefits the new airport will bring to the country, minus the free flow of goods, services, employment opportunities, etc. it will bring as I mentioned in one of my current articles. But also the trauma, stress, depression and anxiety that it will reduce from travellers that usually wait for a single particular flight, especially Sierra Leonean travellers. And also the competition among other flights in and out of the country such new airport will bring. And how it will also lead to lots of alternatives means of travelling, especially in terms of air tickets’ sales or purchase, destinations and also the extension or improvement of internal trade or business in the country.

Therefore, President Ernest Bai Koroma should NOT yield to any ill motivated advises in connection with the new airport project revival issue, especially if the Chinese Government is willing to support the project. He should allow it to go on unabated. Particularly when we are unable to construct the bridge from Freetown to Lungi that will bring more social and economy benefits and will also ease the traffic congestion in the country, especially in the city.

He should not listen to enemies of peace, progress and development whose aim is always to see that nothing good takes place or comes to the country because of their devil incarnation attitudes and behaviours against their own motherland. Such Ebola disease Sierra Leoneans should not be given a breathing space among patriotic and nationalist Sierra Leoneans, since they hate peace and development because of personal grudges, tribal, regional interest and political loyalty at the expense of the poor and suffering people of Sierra Leone.

One of the most disheartened or painful thing on issues of national development in the country, particularly the new airport project issue is that, some of the well-educated Sierra Leoneans who we always expect to be wise thinkers and very good analyse because of their educational backgrounds and titles, especially on the nation’s development programs’ issues, unfortunately they are the most dangerous irrational Ebola virus diseases that always standby to destroy any good national development program in the country. They are the Sierra Leoneans that always put a cause on the educational system in the country. Because when you read some of their writings, comments or hear their utterances on national issues, if you are a lover of peace and development you will get sick straight. That is why we always call them educated fools Ebola virus Sierra Leoneans in and out of the country.

Particularly on the new airport program issue if you read some of their unpatriotic and anti-nationalist writings, comments and their unpatriotic flimsy reasons given why we should not have new airport, if you are a peace and development oriented Sierra Leonean you will ask yourself many questions about their Sierra Leoneans’ citizenships type, for instance if they are really true born Sierra Leoneans. Despite all of us have our weaknesses in diverse ways, especially in terms of analysing and responding to issues, but such weakness should not be at the expense of the country’s peace, progress and development.

One of the most pathetic parts of it is that some of these educated fools live in modern world countries that we are expecting them to learn more good things that they will transfer or bring to the country. But unfortunately in spite of that their thinking and way of doing things and response to the country’s development issues, it’s like some of our brothers and sisters that live into some of the most remote villages in the country. In fact some of them (our village brothers and sisters) can even think more wisely than those educated fools evil thinkers Sierra Leoneans. They become educated fools because of their bitterness for others, political loyalty and regional interests. They always allow their evil emotions to overcome them at the detriment of the nation.

Can you imagine unpatriotic naïve Sierra Leoneans asking questions if Sierra Leone needs another new international airport? How many international airports do we have in the country? While others irrationally and blindly argued that because Sierra Leone owes lots of debts and above all we have Lungi airport that services the purpose therefore, there is no need for a new airport that will lead us into more debts. Can you imagine?

Is Lungi airport a real standard modern international airport as compare to others? When there was a time when some countries threaten to stop their flights from going to the country because of its international substandard service. In fact minus that how many flights can it accommodate at a go, small as it is? One cannot even compare Lungi international airport with some countries national or domestic airports, especially Australia’s domestic airports which some of the enemies of the country’s development are quiet aware of. When Ebola attacked the country, there were lots of constrains in flying some of the affected ebola virus victims for further treatments abroad, especially some of the health care experts to their countries for lack of sufficient good airports and flights in the countries.

Many of these anti-Sierra Leone developments have very good educational background if you check their profiles. Nonetheless, education without having real perpetual love for ones’ country and also without common sense is like one having a cup of tea without sugar.

And whether the detractors agree with me or not, it is the coming of President Ernest Bai Koroma and his APC government into power that one can presently talking about having a bit of decent airport in the country. When he took power, he paid specially attention in given the one time lapidated Lungi airport a face lift to the eyes of Sierra Leoneans and the international community through the very good renovation that his government undertook for the benefit of the nation.

Talking about debts and areas of priorities, the Mamamah new airport project is one of the main prioritise in terms of the country’s development, especially for it social and economic benefits. Which country that is not with genuine debts in the world for the benefits of its citizens, especially in Africa? If all countries in the world are indebted in one way or the other, especially for the benefit of their nations, why not Sierra Leone, particularly for a genuine and very useful developmental program that will bring very good face lift of the country with social and economic benefits for the poor Sierra Leoneans? Why so-called Sierra Leoneans are criticising and totally condemning such a very good project?

Why some Sierra Leoneans always become too emotional, especially when it comes to the country’s development issues? Is it because of unpatriotic political parties’ interest, regional interest, selfish interest, hatred, personal grudge or just because of their inborn “bad heart” for the country? I don’t think any truly born and honest Sierra Leonean will rejoice for an ill motivated intention by some Ebola Virus foreign human beings to hamper our country’s viable development programs because of political hatred, regional selfish interest or personal grudge.

Please if we, as Sierra Leoneans will not bring development programs in the country because of unpatriotic political party loyalty, hatred and personal grudges, let us allow the good foreigners to bring developmental projects that will improve the lives of our poor people.

In view of that we should stop ganging up or conniving with some of the foreign human beings Ebola virus killer diseases that always aiming at destroying our country’s progress and development.

And please we should also stop our caustic Dark Age unpatriotic thinking against the country. in view of that whenever it comes to a matter of national development programs let us put all our “bad-heart”, hatred, personal grudge, political party loyalty, tribal or regional interests aside and give support to such developmental programs, particularly for the benefit of the poor and suffering masses in the country.

Honestly speaking, citizens of other countries’ attitudes and behaviours towards their countries national development issues are quite different from those of Sierra Leoneans. Whenever it comes to matters of their national development issues, they will buried their political differences, regional interests, personal grudges and give total support to such issues because their countries development interest always comes first in their daily lives. But it is the complete opposite with Sierra Leoneans; especially Ebola Virus educated fools in and out of the country. They prefer to aid foreigners in destroying their country because of political hatred, regional interests and personal grudges and rejoice over that. I was in India for three months, Liberia for almost three years and Ghana almost five years before I came to Australia in 2005, so I know what I am talking about as a born Sierra Leonean.

By Tony Bee, Sydney Australia

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