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Brussels saga continues …

Brussels saga continues …

Dear Editors: I thank you very much for performing a patriotic duty by publishing my letter in your highly esteemed newspapers thereby bringing to the attention of the government the mess of some of our compatriots fortunate to be sent on diplomatic assignments.

Ambassador’s bluff

The Ambassador summoned a staff meeting immediately his attention was drawn to the online publication. However, to the amazement of all staff members present, rather than reacting to the numerous allegations contained in the publication, the Ambassador only went ahead to boast of his connections within the party and his ties with the President.

What annoys some staff members at the meeting including me was the remarks he made that if it is for women that he should lose his job, then so be it. He said where was the writer when he spent over $ 300,000 (Three Hundred Thousand US dollars) during the APC campaign in 2007? He boasted that over ten of his vehicles were destroyed during the campaign and handed over more than twenty motor bikes to President Koroma during the said campaign. He said those who were provoking him when he was dressed in red campaigning for the APC like Samura Kamara and Samba Deen are today enjoying whilst he is being paid a pittance.

He did not say anything about the allegations because all what I wrote was the truth. More importantly, if there were any lies in that letter, he would have instructed the so-called Information Attaché to respond. And besides, I cannot really understand the duties of this so-called Information Attaché in this mission called Chernor Ojuku Sesay. I was expecting him to be telling the Sierra Leonean public not only by magnifying some of the little things the Ambassador is doing, but also by informing them about the mess that is going on here. Or even if he does not report some of this mess for publication, but should be informing the President or the Vice or the Foreign Minister secretly. But, oh no! His only focus is to be following the Ambassador where ever he goes, for him to get his per diem and blow out of proportion those small, small things giving a blind eye to the serious mess that might have a serious implication on the reputation of the government.

Ojuku is a big disappointment to some of us, considering the fearless writer he was before coming here. When we heard of his appointment to our mission in Brussels we were very happy with the hope that he will not compromise his stance on corrupt practice. But unfortunately, he has turned out to be more of a bootlicker than a government informant. 

Absent at meetings

Another fault of Ambassador Christian Kargbo is his failure to attend meetings at the ACP headquarters in Brussels. He spends most of his time at either the residence of his concubine at Etterbeek pretending to be attending meetings or goes regularly to Freetown to make a follow-up of his exported containers. He is more of a businessman than an Ambassador.

Ambassador Kargbo is hell bent in stifling the progress of our country. As I am writing this piece, he has banned all diplomats within the mission including the Head of Chancery, who is the Administrative head, from writing or communicating in whatever way with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Belgium. How can the diplomatic staff in the mission work effectively when they cannot communicate directly with the Foreign Ministry in their area of operation most especially when the Ambassador hardly spends his time in Belgium. The Ambassador does attend meetings out of Brussels, like in Holland, France, Luxembourg, Spain to claim fat per diems especially when government sends the quarterly remittances called Other Charges which are supposed to be for the upkeep of the mission.

Our mission is in a mess and government must carry out a holistic look and rectify the situation.


Patriotic Sierra Leonean.

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