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Civilized Bye-elections this time

Civilized Bye-elections this time

Now that the bye-elections are fast approaching, we are calling on all political parties to behave in a civilized fashion and allow the elections to be transparent and violent-free. We are making this call because we have observed that many bye-elections in this country have been characterized by violence and bloodshed.

This press is urging the National Electoral Commission (NEC) to properly school all the contesting parties on the disadvantages of violent elections and the advantages of violent-free elections. NEC must also ensure that the required penalties must be imposed on any political party that resorts to violence during the upcoming bye-elections.

This time, the bye-elections must not be full of flying stones, bottles and sticks; pepper spray, daggers and cutlasses must be strictly prohibited in the bye-elections on the way. We are not hoping to behold burst heads and mutilated bodies oozing blood. Tear gas canisters and warning shots should not be released by our police who must, on their part, maintain maximum neutrality.

Sierra Express Media is sternly warning the NEC officials not to be cajoled by even the most voluminous brown envelops, but display full impartiality, credibility and professionalism. As a nation occupying the bottom of the UN development index, elections play a crucial role in choosing the right leaders to redeem this country from her notorious poverty and its consequent degradation.

Hence, we should try to be conducting non-fraudulent and non-violent elections to allow the voters to vote in peace their choices. Manipulating elections via violence and fraud may end up giving us the wrong leaders who will come to add insult to our injuries while developing their own coffers.

Elections are about ballots, not bullets; it is not about coercing voters, but convincing voters to see reason to vote for a candidates. Violent and bloody elections undermine national security apart from violating one of the fundamental principles of democracy, peace.

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