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The anti-Sumana verdict – we are not surprised

The anti-Sumana verdict – we are not surprised

Long before the passing of the historic anti-Sumana verdict, we were expecting such a verdict considering the high level of dependence of our judiciary and the considering the fact that the Sumana defense team seemed to have some weak points which clever lawyers could effectively utilize.

Sumana was for certain reasons expelled from the very APC party that made him Vice-President; an expulsion that came after a long time visible and notorious animosity between himself and the President of this republic. Our constitution does not allow a floating Vice-President who is not under the umbrella of any political party and since Sumana failed to promptly join another party, he had to lose his Vice-Presidency. This implies that Sumana fell by his own weight; if he had joined another party instantly, perhaps, he would have still been occupying the position Victor Bockarie Foh is proudly occupying today. Whether such explanation is legally admissible or not is not within the expertise of this press to determine.  (Photo: Sam Sumana)

But even if Sumana had no fault in the whole affair, it would have been very difficult or almost impossible for our Supreme Court to have passed an opposite verdict, otherwise, we would have recommended international awards to those judges who would have been bold enough to pass a pro-Sumana verdict against the Fountain of Justice who has supreme executive powers to hire and fire when and where necessary.

The total independence of our judiciary is still being hampered by the fact that our magistrates and judges are government employees and until our magistrates, judges and other workers of our judiciary cease being government employees, our judiciary will continue to be heavily reliant and vulnerable to the dictates of top government functionaries. He who pays the piper dictates the tune.

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