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IF SLPP want to regain governance in country, they have to do two things only

IF SLPP want to regain governance in country, they have to do two things only

As I used to say, many of us do not really want to talk or write much about politics at this point in time because politics is not the only suitable topic to discuss on our radio programs or write about.  Particularly some of us who always thinking about how to keep our country safe from the hands of hooligan armed robbers, rape to kill Sierra Leoneans, vandals and  barbarian politicians who think violence or war is a culture to them at the expense of  the poor and defenceless masses.

In view of that there are lots of issues in the country that need heavy publicity for the progress and development of the nation other than political issues. Issues like how to educate our people on how to keep their environments clean, how to educate the youths not to allow politicians to misuse them, how business people or traders should learn to service their customers with the principle of first come first service, but not the opposition. How he or she should learn to wait for her turn regardless of her big title. How to educate the masses why they should put on seat belts when sitting in a car. Why they should be care takers or watchdogs for government properties. Why they should report to the appropriate authorities for any damaged government property by individual or group and why they should also report any security threats in the country. Why the authorities concerned should not neglect or disregard any report, especially on security issues and why maintenance culture is very important, especially on government properties, including buildings, vehicles, roads streets and why it is necessary to put mobile dustbins along the streets and also why the building of public toilets all over the country is important. And above all, why they should learn to forgive and LOVE ONE ANOTHER.

Such mentioned issues may sound funny to others. But they are the basic fundamental principles of true democracy and human rights that we always put behind us, because we allow political events to overcome us in and out of the country than developmental issues. However, sometimes it is because of the attitude and behaviour of the political welfare whistle-blowers in the country, especially the unpatriotic politicians who normally fail to put the country’s interest first other than political party loyalty.

Now coming to SLPP two issues, I should firstly have to make one point clear to my readers that I am not a soothsayer or looking ground man.  Therefore, let no one thinks that I am a Spiritual Pastor or Imam when I said SLPP have to do two things in order for them to gain more patriotic popularity other than violence or tribalism popularity in and out of the country. If they really want to go to State House peacefully come 2018. I am just an investigative journalist. Therefore, as a research journalist living millions of miles away from my beloved motherland, called Sierra Leone, I normally use my modern Radar to do a thorough investigation by zooming all corners of the country to get accurate facts and figures of my research.

However, if SLPP say because I am just an ordinary journalist, as such, they will not take my radar’s research work outcome serious on the two issues, it up to them. I have no qualms about that because time will tell when the day comes, particularly in 2018 political report card day. Please stay cool. Do not be worried too much to know the two things that I will like to talk about. Because they are issues that I believe any religious, patriotic and nationalist Sierra Leonean will have to do always in his or her daily life time.

Now, the issues are: Putting God first and the country’s interest second in their daily political activities in Sierra Leone other than their political party, tribalism, regionalism and fake propaganda.  Although the fools may say there is no God. Therefore, they believe in their knowledge, tribalism and false propaganda promotion that always deceiving them. I am saying this because I believe God is always working with those who put their trust in him in their daily lives’ activities. That is for those who believe that there is a super natural living God that can always make the impossible possible.

 Anyone can agree or disagree with me, according to my Radar; it is very hard for one to hear any SLPP politicians, including many of their supporters call the Almighty God in their political deliberations or activities. It’s like they put their trust in false or fake propaganda and tribalism more than their GOD. Forgetting that the devil, Satan and his agents always working with those who depend on their knowledge or thinking that they are smarter than others. While Almighty God is always working with those who believe in him, especially those that others may regard as fools or stupid.

Likewise the country, if they, (SLPP) always put the interest of the country first in their political agenda, especially because of the lives of the poor, innocent, powerless and unprotected masses other than relying or depending on the promotion of violence, tribalism, regionalism, war or false propaganda in the country surely State House doors and windows are open for them come 2018, according to my radar.

Some of the political events that took place in the past few months or weeks were indicators that SLPP put their political party interest paramount than the people’s lives and the country’s peace, unity, progress and development. One the calling of civil disobedience in the entire country, knowing the consequence of such call and two the calling of their party Chairman Chief Kapen for all SLPP Parliamentarians not to vote in support of the extension of the killer disease Ebola state of emergency, knowing that Ebola virus is still around in the country etc.

But because of their unpatriotic political ambition, they decided to put more treasure in rebuild their political party other than the peace, progress and development in the country. Because they want to regain power by all means (pa-O-pa) in the country even at the expense of the nation, it’s not their business. In view of that they are quick to forget about the existence of Ebola virus that killed thousands of fellow Sierra Leoneans. The virus that started only with one person in the country but it ended up killing thousands and it’s still killing the people. But SLPP do not want to know about that.

According to my radar, many patriotic Sierra Leoneans in and out of the country were expecting SLPP to have had a very critical look at the importance of the extension of the public state of emergency, particularly on the nation’s interest microscope, but instead they politicised the issue because of their political hungry for power, by accusing APC government of trying to manipulate the emergency in their favour.

However, we must give a big bravo to the SLPP Parliamentarians for putting the nation’s first by supporting the extension of the state of emergency. In view of that it’s a big plus to MPs of SLPP for doing a very patriotic good job, particularly for saving the re-spreading of Ebola virus in the country. Although some of the SLPP members are currently bragging of disciplining the most patriotic parliamentarians in the midst of unpatriotic and unnationalistic SLPP members, for putting the country’s interest first other than their party. Let the unpatriotic SLPP members remove you from Parliament for doing the job which the people elected you for.  If they have the right to do so, 2018, elections result will teach them good lesson how good to always put God first and the nation’s interest second before political party, tribe or regional loyalty.

We also give thanks and praise to President Koroma for using his wise God given political wisdom by swiftly extending the emergency to save the lives of the people before parliament ratification.  If such action or stringent measures would not have been put in place through the immediate extension of the emergency there would have been a great possibility of another over spreading of the virus in the country.

As I continue to ponder like any other patriotic Sierra Leonean, suppose the public state of emergency was not extended, how would the entire village in the Kamabia District would have to be quarantined?  Which means the virus would have had spread all over again in the country because SLPP failed to support the extension of the emergency for political interest.

 The recent re-surface of the virus in the country, especially the death of a woman through the cause of Ebola virus in the Kamabia District exposed the unpatriotic attitude and behaviour of some of the SLPP politicians and their blind supporters. Nonetheless, some of us who read the able patriotic Minority Leader of SLPP, Dr. Bernadette Lahi with her patriotic and nationalist MPs how  they exercised their patriotism and nationalism in order to save the nation other than party so-called loyalty means a lot to us. Stop fake propaganda, tribalism promotion and put God first and the nation second for your political party success in the country.

By Tony Bee, Sydney, Australia

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