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Did President Lay His Life for Idlers?

Did President Lay His Life for Idlers?

Just after winning the 2012 controversial presidential election, President Korma while addressing this nation stated that he will lay his life for the youths. Impliedly, the president was saying that he would do everything humanly possible to improve the lot of the youths but not those kinds of youths who cannot be developed.

The president’s statement has severely misconstrued by many idlers who believe the president should just be distributing money, rice and other good things to youths every blessed day. Many of our youths nowadays can never be developed even if a whole president lays his precious life for them.

President Koroma did not lay his life for youths who spend the whole day long smoking Marijuana in ghettos nor did he lay his life for notorious thieves; he did not lay his life for unemployable youths who have no formal education, no skill and not prepared to suffer their bones or sweat to get their daily bread.

We wholeheartedly commend the president for establishing a whole ministry for the youths and for putting in place the necessary structures to develop those youths who are prepared to develop. For those who are not prepared to develop, the president’s life is surely not laid for them.

We have observed with dismay that many young people in Sierra Leone nowadays are not prepared to work even where jobs are available in large numbers. Many believe in getting rich overnight via criminal means. These are not the category of youths. We believe the president has laid his life for only those youth who are ready to lay their own lives to develop.

We have also observed that the mass unemployment of youths has been the root cause of the heightened spate of armed robbery and other crimes perpetrated by youths. There is the dire need for more jobs to be created in the country but how many of our youths are qualified either academically or technically to secure such jobs.

We have witnessed a situation where in some of our mining companies import technical labor as they cannot find anybody in the country that has the technical qualification for such jobs. This means that the president must not only lay his life for the youths but must also build their capacity to make them employable and economically productive.

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