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Doubting the Alleged Falsity: Balogun Partly Confirms Kamaraimba Document

Doubting the Alleged Falsity: Balogun Partly Confirms Kamaraimba Document

The Minister of Transport and Aviation, Leonard Balogun Koroma and the Minister of Information and Communication, Alpha Khan, have told this nation that the documents of the Chairman and Leader of the Alliance Democratic Party, Mohamed Kambarainba’s document regarding the cost of the 100 buses is a big falsity designed to water down the efforts of government in alleviating the problem of transportation plaguing this nation.

The Information Minister has even gone to the extent of threatening that the likes of Kamarainba who deceive the public with bogus rumors using internet documents will soon find themselves in the well-prepared rooms at the Pademba Road Maximum Prison, now Correctional Service Center.

But during the Transport Minister’s explanation to the House of Parliament, he stated that the total cost of the buses was 12 million US Dollars and this is the same total cost figure the Kamarainba document is carrying. Is this not a way of partly confirming the Kamarainba document? Of course, the minister’s total figure partially authenticates Kamaraiba’s document.

If Balogun is really sure that the Kamarainba document is fake, then let him disclose the unit cost of the buses and let us see whether the cost does not tally with the one on the allegedly counterfeit Kamarainba document which I believe has started manifesting some elements of truth.

Besides, why should government not institute a legal action against Kamarainba for using a fake document to defame it? If Kamarainba has the audacity to use a fictitious document to scandal the government, then he should be penalized for such a libelous or defamatory conduct, otherwise, he is saying the gospel truth.

How can Balogun Koroma call a document fake when the total cost figure he told parliament is in complete agreement with the one on the purportedly fake Kamarainba document? Is Kamarainba’s allegation a rumor? Or is he a rumor monger? I do not believe. As long as the Transport Minister has failed to tell us his own unit cost of the hundred buses, I have every right to believe that Kamarainba is saying the bitter truth.

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