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Reckless, Irresponsible and Dancerous

Reckless, Irresponsible and Dancerous

When the APC radio began to broadcast its diatribes before and after the 2007 Presidential run-off elections, nobody said a word until the SLPP’s Unity radio came on air and suddenly all hell was let loose. It was accused inciting, intimidating and tribalistic. (Photo: Dr. Sama Banya)

The outcome was first a vicious attack on the radio station. That was followed by the minister of information and communication unilaterally and unlawfully closing down the station under the pretext that it was operating illegally up Leicester peak. That proved to be a lie; but we got the first threat of closure from the Vice President whom President Ernest Koroma had designated to look into the matter.

Next it was an attack by the mayoral thugs after the ‘baa nya fake’ clock tower debacle.

Finally the station was shut down after another of those attacks of rape and destruction at the SLPP headquarters.

Then the voice of the APC Red sun radio station was added as a show of impartiality, but everyone was aware that the target was Unity radio because its message was real, clear and getting to the ordinary citizen.

A new trend has recently raised its head in a clandestine manner and no APC official or the minister of information or the IMC has paid the slightest hide to it. And yet it is not only reckless, but most irresponsible and dangerous.

Readers may have noticed that Paul Kamara’s of For di People newspaper is tired and bereft of editorial material. He has resorted to the theme “mamie Salone en pikin “ in which he has become a playwright. But he has ventured into naked tribalism in which he asserts that the Mendes have been responsible for all the ills in our society for the last 49 years. That whereas Bai Bureh and the Temnes only killed the white soldiers during the 1898 hut tax rebellion, the Mendes killed the missionaries and other tribes.  With the exception of Joseph Saidu Momoh and now President Koroma, all the rulers of this country have been Mendes etc., etc.

There was a Hollywood musical which became a box office success in the early 1950s. The title was “Annie Get Your Gun” and the theme song was ‘ANYTHING YOU CAN DO I CAN DO, BETTER’ – we are aware of Paul’s desperate desire to head President Koroma’s youth commission but if he believes that provoking others into a tribal conflict is any way to achieve it, he’d better start thinking again.

As for those who will immediately shout that the SLPP has removed that dirty rag from the drinking well had better warn Paul and his type not to throw it there in the first place.

By now the APC should have learnt that come what may, our people will no longer simply fold their arms while hired thugs brutalize them. They will show resistance even if it ends in just them being arrested by the police; the Tongo bye election incident is an example where of all those who allegedly took part in the mêlée’ only 14 Mendes and two Foulahs are before the courts; or of the attack and rape at the SLPP headquarters. One has learnt to ignore apologists like Elias Bangura who writes in Paul Kamara’s For di People. Did the African Champion call our robust criticism of the APC a “plot”?

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  • It is helpful to have some constructive criticism without resulting to disrespect your elders. The former SLPP government encouraged a level playing ground for all political and ethnic groups in the name of democracy and transparency – unlike the ruling APC. The tactics since assuming power has been to muzzle the opposition in the hope of weakening them so they can resort (again) to a one party system; because the absence of a viable opposition results in the former. I’m sure that whether you are a tribalist (blaming all the ills of the Sierra Leonean society on the south – easterners) or a nationalist, 2012 is going to be a defining moment in our lives. I have not seen any accomplishments that the current government should be proud of -except, maybe division of the nation. Even that, I will grade them a dismal “D”, because Sierra Leoneans are aware – we have become part of the “global village” – we know what time it is.

    20th April 2010
  • It was indeed reckless and irresponsible for S.L.P.P. to give license to A.P.C. to orperate a radio station.When A.P.c. can not allow Theatre artists to perform plays at City hall.

    20th April 2010
  • loads of rubbish . why elections held in the nothern part of the country not rebellious . simply because the mendes with some lost fullahs are bent on using that terrian for there rebellious acts . GET OLD LOSER. please repair kalaihun court barray if you can .Mr intention .

    18th April 2010

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