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Franklyn Pratt, grabs SLPP chairman’s mansion

Franklyn Pratt, grabs SLPP chairman’s mansion

The 17 bedroom, 2 swimming pool mansion at Hill Station, Freetown, owned by the SLPP North America regional Chairman in California, Augustine Boss Fallay, has been illegally occupied by Mr. Franklyn Pratt who has bragged of his affiliations with political powers who he claims will support his illegal occupation of the said property. This marks a major escalation in what has been termed by observers as a “gbeshi-gbeshi” syndrome which began with top APC officials violently occupying or encroaching on other people’s lands. The law courts would normally not prosecute cases brought to the effect, and APC officials pay deaf ears to both the illegal occupation of or encroachment on people’s property, and even condone gang violence and victimization of the rightful owners.

This “gbeshi-gbeshi” syndrome has now been extended to the willful, illegal occupation of other people’s properties. Readers will recall that there have been a series of high profile cases of persons who claim association with top APC officials seizing other people’s property or encroaching on those properties and using violence and influence to intimidate the real owners.

Mr. Franklyn Pratt has not only occupied the massive, nearly completed mansion owned by Boss Fallay (see pictures), but he has even set up his private school in the mansion which he has called Kings and Queen’s  Secondary School.

Knowing that his hold on the property was tentative and because he does not know the owner of the property, Mr. Pratt is reported to have been making a series of blood rituals around the property and burying a series of amulets and stuffed horns around the house because he has been told by Fetish high priests that doing so will force Boss Fallay (the rightful owner) to lose interest in his mansion and that the mansion will become his.


Mr. Pratt has also taken several pictures of the nearly completed mansion, claiming that the building has been built by him and asking international donors for large sums of money for the completion of the mansion.  Recently, Mr. Pratt is said to have told people that he would soon start painting what he called “an abandoned property.”

fallayhouseside1Boss Fallay was furious when he was told what Mr. Pratt had been doing around his mansion and had been planning to do. Boss Fallay said that construction on his property had been temporarily halted last year pending the firing of one contractor and the hiring of another.  “The mansion is very close to completion as you can see from the pictures. How can I abandon property worth so much,” he asked?

It was only after the newly hired contractor had gone to the mansion to resume construction, than he found the truth of the occupation by Mr. Pratt out. He was visibly shocked to find a secondary school with about 300 students in full session.   Mr. Pratt had even nearly painted the property when his deceit  was discovered.

Mr. Pratt then scampered to involve a certain Alhaji Hassan Swaray, who falsely claims to know Augustine Boss Fallay.  He is alleged to have been deeply involved in assisting the illegal occupant of the mansion, Mr. Franklyn Pratt by resorting to fetish meant to make Boss Fallay abandon the property for good.  Alhaji Swaray has since then tried to make contact with Boss Fallay and attempt to intercede on behalf of Mr. Franklyn Pratt.

Moved by the plight of the 300 children and being a firm believer in education, Boss Fallay has relented and allowed Mr. Franklyn Pratt and co to complete the school term. This, he believes, is enough time for Mr. Franklyn Pratt to look for another venue for his students.

Contacted at his California chambers, Boss Fallay pointed out, “I believe that if I enforce immediate eviction, the real losers in this situation will be the school children and their parents and guardians who have been misled by a man who has undertaken this illegal occupation of my property.” Boss Fallay continued, “I am a strong believer in education, and I can wait until the end of the term before I kick illegal occupants out of my property by all means necessary.”

A few community leaders have since called Boss Fallay to thank him for looking beyond politics and making the right decision for the school children. 

Meanwhile, Mr. Franklyn Pratt has been unavailable for comment but he has admitted that he had lied that he owned the property or that he had a legal right to use the property as the venue for his school.

Abdul Karim Sesay

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  • I have a lot of respect and admiration for anyone who takes upon himself to invest in his country. However, I categorically disagree with who-so-ever is trying to turn the whole situation into a political or public relation issue.

    When his Excellency President Ernest Koroma assumed office back in 2007, do you know how many government buildings were occupied and still occupied by these so called enemies of progress from the SLPP era???

    This Government is patiencely trying to follow the law to legally evict these enemies of progress who are still trespassing and holding over government properties without any justifying reasons.

    Under the Ernest Koroma’s APC, we have something called Rule of Law. Except there was a prior arrangements between Mr. Farley or his agent and the occupant, I find it very hard to believe someone can take over Mr Farley’s property without any resistance from the caretaker or Mr. Farley’

    As a student of the Law, I do not need to reiterate these points to Mr. Farley

    10th April 2010

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