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Le800 Million Gift from SLPPNA for Kenema Hospital

Le800 Million Gift from SLPPNA for Kenema Hospital

The Augustine Boss Fallay led administration of the Sierra Leone People’s Party in North America, on Thursday, October 21, 2010 loaded sundry medical equipment valued at Eight hundred million Leones (two hundred thousand US Dollars) into a 40ft container bound for Kenema, Sierra Leone. The equipment includes X-Ray machines, ultra modern surgical and bariatric beds, patient beds and mattresses, carousels, tables, lounging chairs, television sets and other sundry furniture.

Present at the delivery and loading occasion were the regional Chairman, Augustine Boss Fallay who had travelled the day before from California to Dallas, Texas to receive the equipment from the Methodist Charlton Medical Center.  The transfer of the equipment had been facilitated by a party stalwart, Dr. Joseph Moi Tejan, who is a Dallas-based orthopedic surgeon in collaboration with his wife Mrs. Aveen Tejan, and Bruce Kettler and Mike Lowe representing the Methodist Charlton Medical Center.

Hospital bed to be delivered

Speaking on the occasion, Chairman Fallay asserted that the national Chairman and Leader of the SLPP, Chairman John Oponjo Benjamin, had been fully engaged in and fully informed about the procurement and shipping of the medical equipment which he, Chairman Benjamin, will receive in Freetown in November and personally deliver to the people of Kenema District. Chairman Fallay emphasized that the APC government’s mere announcements of free medical care did not signal a sustained transformation in healthcare delivery in the country. “Responsible governments must invest in providing equipment, infrastructure, medical supplies, training, and financial incentives to medical staff so that they are fully motivated in delivering the highest level of care to our compatriots,” Chairman Fallay further stated. He promised that with the SLPP’s record of restoring medical infrastructure and advancing healthcare training immediately at the end of the war, the SLPP in North America will ensure that it provides additional equipment (including generators) to facilitate the full use of the equipment and that the SLPP will also look into funding medical training for staff of the Kenema hospital.

Dr. Tejan stressed that he had been moved by the state of the medical wards in Kenema and that the equipment will benefit the people of Kenema District and beyond. “This initiative is the first of many more and we will stay involved in enhancing medical facilities and care in the country,” he noted.

Loaded container

SLPP dignitaries present interjected by stressing the total commitment of the party in North America to continue supporting the parent party and its leadership in Freetown and continue enhancing the lives of Sierra Leoneans with such positive interventions. The flamboyant regional Party Conference Chairman, Solomon Gembeh, Snr, stressed, “the APC government should learn from the SLPP how to make available quality medical equipment for free health care to Sierra Leoneans rather than organizing corruption rackets around importing medical equipment for which the ACC has indicted and convicted president’s Health Minister.” Organizing Secretary, Solomon Pieh, pointed out that “this initiative will be replicated in various hospitals in Sierra Leone based on the perceived needs of district hospitals” and that “the entire SLPP membership in North America will work hard to enrich other development areas.” SLPP Dallas Chapter Chairman, Yayah Bio, emphasized the special joy the entire project had given him and intimated, “my chapter will continue working hard to facilitate such ventures in the other 29 chapters of the party in the USA.” The chairman of the powerful North American fundraising committee and well-known, top-notch local entrepreneur, Mr. Henry Gegbe, highlighted that “North America will continue to fund the SLPP 2012 bounceback with hard US Dollars and with these initiatives that positively change the lives of our people in Sierra Leone. APC can continue stealing the nation’s money and continue prosecuting one another when they are caught. The SLPP in North America will continue to work hard and honestly to fund our party,” he concluded.

The event was attended by local community members, press, and photographers. Other party members and local Dallas community members commended the SLPP in North America for this commendable humanitarian gesture with some stating, “even in opposition, the SLPP cares about the sick and the poor.” Another community member posited that this initiative “demonstrates what the SLPP stands for – na kombra party, nor to the party way jus dae gbeshi-gbeshi for densehf en den fambul dem.”

Media Contact:  Jeneba Koroma, Regional Publicity Secretary, SLPP in North America, Jenebak@gmail.com

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  • Augustine Fallay and Solomon Gembeh are remarkable leaders of the SLPPNA. These guys are focused, very productive, and gentle. The entire executives of the Fallay administration are fine leaders who care about their people and their country, Sierra Leone. Augustine Fallay and his group continue to learn new things and apply current knowledge in a thoughtful and practical way to improve the SLPPNA. All these guys were born with a unique set of talents, and they are using those talents to maximize their potential in helping our country. Thank you Boss, Solo, Dolo Pieh, Big bro Henry, Papa Bio, Ma Jeneba, Sr Tejan and everyone who was connected with the presentation of those medical equipments. God will continue to bless you abundantly. Our less fortunate people in Sierra Leone will also continue to pray for you.
    Long Live the SLPPNA
    Long Live the SLPP.

    25th October 2010

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