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Isaiah Washington states his Sierra Leone passport has no bearing on what he can do for Salone

Isaiah Washington states his Sierra Leone passport has no bearing on what he can do for Salone

In Spring 2010 Isaiah Washington (in photo) was honoured to be the first African American to receive citizenship in Sierra Leone http://www.sierraexpressmedia.com/?p=8771 … Recently, Minkail Mohamed Kuyateh asked online what Isaiah Washington has done during the Ebola crisis, to which Mr. Washington replied:

Mr. Minkail Mohamed Kuyateh thank you for your inquiry.

  1. Let me start by saying that my historical Sierra Leone passport or celebrity has no bearing on ‘what I can do for Salone.’ Educating our people who are still struggling to feed themselves, find jobs, maintain cleanliness, sustain themselves with clean water and resist eating bush meat is still a very complicated issue in most of the rural areas.
  1. In fact, I have been trying to share my current business plan that would create jobs within agriculture and for waste removal with President Koroma for the last 3 years and have received “no response” or support from any of the current Ministers and it has been submitted to several key advisors in the Government.
  1. I talked to my tribal brother Raymond Scott-Manga, who lives in Sierra Leone last month regarding the Ebola Crisis and he’s telling me that Malaria, Tetanus and Hernias are still killing our people in Salone just as aggressively as this current Ebola Crisis.
  1. I am in contact with Medshare, Africare and Congresswoman Karen Bass to discuss how to accelerate getting enough serum to Salone, but the media and other factors are making it extremely hard to get people to want to travel to Salone with all of the widespread fear.
  1. I am not “auditioning” for movie parts, because I am now producing my own without any help from the Sierra Leone Community, which I have reached out to in the DMV to raise funds for Salone through my non profit.
  1. You should KNOW that within the last 8 years I have spent over $1M dollars of my own money to raise awareness about the good reasons the International Community should look at Sierra Leone as more than the place where the “Blood Diamond War” and thousands of amputations took place.
  1. I have had several behind the scenes conversations with potential donors and NONE of them want to send money to Salone for fear that the funds will not be used properly. As you know Salone is still struggling with the stigma of “corruption”, which we all know is no worse than the corruption in the United States or the United Kingdom. The only difference is that the UK and the US have more running clean water and regular electricity for their residents, unlike our beloved Salone.
  1. I am a little stunned, but not shocked, that such a “calling out” would play out by my own people here on social media. I get it. I feel just as, if not more powerlessness when so many of our brothers and sisters are losing their lives, but attacking me or any other public figure will not untangle the very nasty political web that keeps our dear Africa ensnared.
  1. I am not good with being patient and all I can offer is what I report to you here on my profile page.
  1. Let’s not lose faith in prayer and ourselves. Sierra Leone will rise again, this I am confident in, but it will take some more time. Meanwhile, I will remain steadfast with gathering a plan of action with Congresswoman Karen Bass and other humanitarians that can actually get things done.

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