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Will Dr. Konteh be compensated if..?

Will Dr. Konteh be compensated if..?

Now that Dr. Richard Konteh’s lawyers have presented a very strong and convincing argument that their client’s arrest, detention and prosecution is unlawful, we are inclined to believe that the accused former Chief of Staff may end up walking a free man and supposing the court proves him innocent at the end of it all, as argued by his defense team, what will happen next?  (Photo: Dr. Richard Konteh)

Is there any provision in our law books to compensate an accused later found innocent? If yes, how much compensation will appease Konteh if found innocent?

We are raising this question after considering the magnitude of disgrace the former Chief of Staff has already suffered. But if there is no provision in our laws to compensate acquitted persons, then Konteh would have been molested in vain if acquitted.

We are of the view that no amount of compensation can be equal to the opprobrium this former Chief of Staff has suffered. And memories of this particular case will ever linger in the mind of Konteh and Sierra Leoneans in general.

History books will certainly recount how Sierra Leone’s Chief of Staff was dragged to prison for allegedly involving in corrupt practices; this tells us that the fight against corruption has taken a heated dimension and is no longer respecting sacred cows, otherwise, such a high state functionary would never have gone behind bars for alleged corruption.

We are suggesting that if there is no provision in our law books to compensate acquitted persons accused of criminal offences, the Constitutional Review Committee should be considering adding such a provision.

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