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In Sierra Leone, Bo prison overflows 17 inmates in a cell

In Sierra Leone, Bo prison overflows 17 inmates in a cell

Conditions in the Bo Prison are hellish and if urgent steps are not taken, many inmates there are bound to die soon.

Eyewitness accounts reveal that the prison has become highly congested with one small cell housing 17 or more inmates who almost sweat their lives out during the night.

Eyewitness reports further that toilets are overflowing, stinky and hazardous to the health of the poor prisoners. It has further been revealed that the inmates eat the bare minimum to keep their lungs functioning and that the general food served, notoriously called AGBORO, is too unpalatable for human consumption as it has little or no palm oil, little or no fish, pepper and salt. The bread served for breakfast is reported to be as small as the fist of a newborn baby and is without butter while the tea is almost always not sufficient to serve the all the inmates.

The rest of the food is sold to the prisoners; a plate of palatable sauce is sold for 500 Leones and bread is sold for 250 Leones. Fish, pepper, salt, magi, onions and other food items are sold in the kitchen and well-to-do prisoners buy from the kitchen and prepare their own sauce but the poor ones are left with no alternative but to eat the unpalatable AGBORO which has little or no nutrient and makes them extremely malnourished.

Medical facility for inmates is deplorable as there is little or no drugs for sick prisoners. Many prisoners cannot afford to wash their mouths as only a single toothpaste is served to a cell for a whole month.

Many prisoners have been in detention for several years without attending court. One such prisoner, Sulaiman Sow, alias Eminem, told this writer that he has been in detention for about three years without appearing before the High Court which remanded him.

There is every need for human right organizations to pile pressure on government to make prisoners live like human beings as they are in prison to be corrected, not to be killed slowly via hellish conditions.

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