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Ebola may Kill 50 / Sierra Leonean…

Ebola may Kill 50 / Sierra Leonean…

According to senior medical experts in the country it has been disclosed that the Ebola virus may transfer through sweat, blood transfer, body touch etc, etc.

Today more than 50% of Sierra Leoneans use motor cycles (Okada), which is the fastest means of transportation in the city and all the passengers are using the same single helmet, wherein if an Ebola virus sufferer has used that helmet and the helmet is then later transferred to another passenger, the possibility for the virus to be transferred to anyone whosoever wear that helmet is great.

On that note, the government and the police force should now put a stop to using one helmet to more than hundreds of persons which may cause the virus to capture almost half of the Sierra Leonean populace, especially for those that are using the motor cycle for commercial purposes with the exception of the private riders.

Although some may say that “Thank God I am not using Okada because I have my own private means of movement”, but your relative in either way may likely use okada or taxi as public means of transportation, and if the virus captured him or her, are you safe?

Secondly, if so it be, even the uses of seat belt in commercial vehicle, the taxis and poda podas, should be stopped if really the government and security sectors are serious about the preventing its citizens from the notorious Ebola virus.

Everybody in this country knows that the police have used the opportunity of enriching themselves and the institution by arresting drivers and riders that carried passengers that failed to wear their seat belt and those that failed to wear the crash helmet for the riders. But for the interest and the safety of our nationals, let it be as a concern and let immediate mentions be put in place for the interest of Mama Salone.

It is true that since independence, the seat belt and the crash helmet are the only two laws that have succeed in Sierra Leone simply because it falls in the hands of the police, and not just that, but they enriched themselves through that law which have made some traffic police officers hiding in corners hunting Okadas and taxi drivers carrying passengers that not recall to put on their seat belt.

These laws have also made some junior police officers to sacrifice their monthly salaries to their bosses just for them to be sent on the Street as traffic police officers because they know that what they are making for the day can multiply their monthly salary twice. But as at for now when this country is been threatened with Ebola virus, let call a spade a spade by removing those laws for the safety and security of the lives of our citizenship.

By Foday Marrah

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