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“Our National Anthem” do we know the meaning of our national anthem?

“Our National Anthem” do we know the meaning of our national anthem?

Comes a time we need to reflect on our values. Sierra Leone where are we heading ? It is better to warn ourselves again and again against the dangers of corruption. It would appear we have never learnt from our our ugly past. Our national anthem is a whole doctrine, that teaches usĀ  how to be a fine nation. The opening stanza is a complete supplication to God almighty that we should put our country highest. “High we exalt thee” followed by “Realm of the free” supposed to be a free nation. “Great is the love we have for thee” the passion and love we have for mama salone. “Firmly united, ever we stand” We are supposed to be strongly united and stand strong in defending our country. “sing in thy praise oh native land” we are supposed to adore our land, and treat our country as a temple. Safe and clean from evil deeds. “We raise up our heartsĀ  and voices so high” The hills and valleys re-echo our cry” all in praise of our land.Blessing Land that and peace be we love our Sierra Leone ever thine own,

“One with a faith that wisdom inspires, one with a zeal that never tries , Ever we seek to honor thy name, Ours is the labor, thine the fame, We pray that no harm on thy children may fall,That blessing and peace may descend on us all. So may we serve thee ever alone”

Our National pledge is another reminder of how loyal we should be to mama salone.

“I pledge my love and loyalty to my country Sierra Leone

I vow to serve her faithfully at all times,

I promise to defend her honor her good name,

Always work for her unity, peace, freedom, and prosperity

And put her interest above all else

So help me God”

I wonder how many of us still remember our national anthem and pledge to mama Salone? We have beautiful and visionary minds to have written these guidelines. I am afraid only a few Sierra Leoneans still remember or even know the first stanza of our national anthem. Again let us don’t be pagans let us love ourselves and our country. Corruption must be uprooted from the nation and ourselves. Today we hear that the Chinese are given contracts to supply “sand sand ” to the nation what a shame? W hat else are they going to leave for the common man to trade?

I am of the opinion that it is not everything the government should give away to foreign investors. If we continue to keep our mouths shut then it means the whole of Sierra Leone will be sold out to foreigners.

Where is our loyalty then to mama salone?

I am also of the opinion that it is high time the government nationalize our mining industries otherwise it will be a severe injustice to our future generations.

Another question that is worth asking and I mean seriously why does Sierra Leone have to continue begging all the time ? It is high time we use our mineral wealth and invest on ourselves or partnership with foreign investors.Again only pagans will sell out their country to foreigners. LONTA

Augustine Kamara

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