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My Christmas Experiences

My Christmas Experiences

Christmas has always been a major part of my life ever since I could remember. For a while it seemed the older I got the better the Christmases experiences however it did not last and it came to an abrupt  end by the age of 20.

My worst and best Christmas experiences will be shared with you in this week’s article. Read to find out more.

At the age 11:

Nellie 2

The first 10 years of my life was based in Freetown Sierra Leone. My Christmas experiences were not so good as the economy in Sierra Leone had collapsed and just like many other Sierra Leoneans money was an issue. As a result I could not live with my parents and had to live with other relatives who did celebrate Christmas; however it was not too good. The first real Christmas experience I had was at age 11 in England with my great aunt. My great aunt had lived in England over 40 years and knew the British way of life.  As a child in England Christmas experiences are usually the best. My great aunt (adoptive mother) would tell me that Santa Claus was going bring me present if I was good. So I would be on my best behaviour all year round.

Nellie 3

During December just before Christmas day I would pin a note on my bedroom wall of all the things I would like.

The following morning I would always find a huge sack filled to the top with presents. Over the moon that Santa had visited our house I would sit in the living room after service during Christmas day and we would open our presents.

My mum and other church members found it funny that I believed in Santa. By the age of fourteen the penny dropped. It dawned on me that our house did not have a chimney for Santa to pass through. When I queried my great aunt she laughed.

At the age 15:

Nellie 4

By age fifteen Christmas was a little bit more serious. I had to help my mum cook Christmas dinner. She uses to say it is better you learn now for when I am not around, then you will know how to cook. I had to put up Christmas trees and buy and wrap presents. Went carol singing in Trafalgar Square.

At the age 20:

Nellie 5

By age 20 Christmas was no longer meaningful. For the first time in twenty years. I had to spend Christmas alone. My great Aunt died October of the same year. That particular Christmas was very cold and lonely and yes I cooked Christmas dinner and put up our tree. I invited my friends round. I missed my mum so naturally I grieved and tried to remember all the good times we shared the past Christmas.

At the age 25 :

Nellie 6

By age 24 I got bored of spending Christmas alone and decided to spend Christmas in America. It was great it snowed. I also got invited to a Christmas dinner.

Nellie 7

By twenty five I had become accustomed to spending Christmas alone. Still did all the usual things I was brought up to do during Christmas. Did Christmas dinner. Bought and gave presents.

By Nellie George, UK

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