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Is Maada Bio another Charles Margai?

Is Maada Bio another Charles Margai?

No Bio No SLPP was the slogan chanted in Bo by the belligerent crowd rented by Maada Bio the SLPP flag bearer aspirant. From my vantage point, I heard people saying that was reminiscent of Charles Margai’s 2005 flag bearer campaign.  It could be remembered that Charles Margai also had a rented crowd of very loud belligerents at the 2005 Makeni convention. Margai plotted his exit strategy very well. He gave the impression that he was extremely popular in the SLPP and the old guards were just out to get him. With that perception, Margai laid the foundation for his reasons to exit SLPP. When he lost, Margai indeed claimed he was cheated; making that the reason for splitting SLPP and the rest as they say is history.

Maada Bio seems to have borrowed a leaf from Margai the spoiler. According to sources in Bo, Maada Bio was overheard saying that he has the support of the people and should SLPP not elect him as flag bearer, they should not blame him should he take similar Margai actions. This utterance by Bio has again peeled a scab on a yet to heal wound in the SLPP. Many party faithful have started questioning the maturity of Maada Bio as it is very much unadvisable for him to be making such utterances. Maada Bio seems not to have learned anything from the mistakes of Margai, particularly during the campaign leading to the Makeni convention. Belligerence does not win elections in SLPP and a thinly veiled threat of bolting the party has definitely lost him some ground in the race.  The unfortunate utterance of Bio came after Chairman Benjamin rightly chastised the display of thuggery and unruliness at the Bo convention.

Members of the SLPP are very careful this time around and threats would only harden delegates to vote against Maada Bio. In fact most people are tuning out of Bio’s campaign because of his rowdy style of campaigning. It seems Maada Bio has no respect for rules and regulations of fair play. The party executive clearly stated that no campaign was allowed in or around the convention. Yet Maada Bio rented a crowd that almost disrupted the peaceful atmosphere. Many would question why pick on Maada Bio since Ismael Sengu Koroma was also involved. My answer is that Maada Bio ought to know better because before now he really had a chance while Ishmael Sengu Koroma who is rumored to have only been a nurse in US army, had a snowball’s chance in hell to even smell the flag bearer position.

Supporters of Bio must realize that the SLPP party will not be intimidated into voting for Bio or any other candidate for that matter.  Bio will only succeed in alienating party members who are still hurt by the foolish arrogance of Margai. This is national politics and SLPP does not need an immature aspirant who screams for a pacifier (comforter) any time he does not get his way. Bio should grow up and organize his campaign beyond a rented crowd otherwise he would only have himself to blame after the flag bearer election.   It is therefore in Bio’s interest to come out and clear the air about his threats of going the Margai way should he lose the contest.

By Moi Torkpoi

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