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“Child Fund-Sierra Leone should display their $12M achievements” General Sfano

“Child Fund-Sierra Leone should display their $12M achievements” General Sfano

Sierra Leonean born King of Pop and founder of the Sfano-Michael Jackson Children’s Development Fund, Mr. Sfano Njawa Sesay popularly known as General Sfano, has said that he is impressed on hearing from the executive members of Child Fund-Sierra Leone, an international funding agency in Sierra Leone, that they have brought into the country about $12 million since their inception as an international funding agency to help address issues affecting less-privileged children within Sierra Leone.

This disclosure was made by the King of Pop in a meeting held  with vulnerable people within the Grafton community who have no opportunity to watch national television programmes, read newspapers and very few of them listen to news on the radio, to have heard that an international funding agency known as Child Fund-Sierra Leone has reported on their visit to President Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma that their funding agency has spent the sum of $12 M in helping change the living status of the less privileged children within Sierra Leone in the past years.

General Sfano told the people that international donors like Child Fund-Sierra Leone have done a lot for their beneficiaries.

He however appealed to members of Child Fund-Sierra Leone to display to the public evidence of their achievement and the support they have rendered to the less-privileged children in the past for public scrutiny.

General Sfano informed the people of his group’s intention to promote food sufficiency and food security to school going children through musical concerts within that community to learn to grow and secure their own domestic food stuffs.

The people complained of severe difficulties in addressing the needs of their less-privileged children and appealed to General Sfano to assist them.

Mr. Mohamed Musa, a jobless man living in the Grafton community with three children, two grand children, and one adopted child (an orphan), disclosed that members of many humanitarian organizations come around their communities making promises they are yet to fulfil.

Mr. Musa further disclosed that their current state of living is threatening, causing himself, his wife and children to go out on the streets on petty trading.

He stated that similar activities by most single and vulnerable parents within their community is common and the very little they might sell is what their families will prepare for their living for that day.

“Our children hardly cope to do well in their academic pursuits because of the state of poverty and they are moreover neglected by donors who give out scholarships,” Mr. Musa said. He observed that most organisations give scholarships to children who are most outstanding in schools and most of these children have, if not all, but most of their needs addressed by their able bodied parents while the children of poor parents are left out.

Another poor woman disclosed that they are making efforts to be heard and be accepted for support but their efforts are not effective.

Giving hope and courage to the people of the Grafton community, General Sfano told them to be law abiding, courageous and hardworking.

He further told them that they should bravely and peacefully bring their problems to light for the attention of higher authorities of these humanitarian bodies and Government officials.

He assured them that his organisation will closely monitor other humanitarian bodies now and in the future to ensure that the right thing is done.

He disclosed that members of his group are presently embarking on promoting the good image of their organisation and relentlessly working towards the right time, though been through several major obstacles to meet especially Janet Jackson, Prince, Katherine and Blanket Jackson in the United States of America to agree on the Constitution of SFAMJAC FUND and many other issues that need to be discussed.

He further told the people that his membership has been finding it difficult at this initial stage to pursue most of their aims and objectives especially at a time when they needed to convince the people to believe in their good work.

“My promise will come to pass time after time,” General Sfano told the people of that community, adding that “the American people, especially certain members of the Jackson family whom we believe, believe that the name Michael Jackson must impact the lives of the less-privileged children even though the American King of Pop is dead to support us and hopefully ease the burden we carry today for the sake of SFAMJAC FUND and the people we work for.”

He assured the people that President Ernest Bai Koroma has declared an Agenda for Prosperity to give the people the zeal to work harder and stand out peacefully for their rights, adding, that that was what Sierra Leonean should have in mind and make it realistic if they want to prosper.

By Rosetta Njawa

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