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Sierra Leone’s Dep. Minister of Education, Mahmoud Tarawally relieved of his post on rape allegation

Sierra Leone’s Dep. Minister of Education, Mahmoud Tarawally relieved of his post on rape allegation

Mr. Mahmoud Tarawally (in photo) has been relieved of his post as Deputy Minister of  Education, Science and Technology of the Sierra Leone government as of today.

Mr. Tarawally is presently being held under investigation by the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) on an allegation of rape of his girlfriend’s best friend, a girl who he was financially helping with her education.

It is alleged that Tarawally asked the girl to come to his office, at which point he forced his advances on the girl and she fought him back and sustained cuts and bruises.  The victim promptly reported the matter to the police.

It is hoped that the correct action is taken for the alleged foul act of violating the rights of another human being!

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  • The newspaper says:
    1_ he help for her eduction …. so some “donors” think they can utilize the “subject” to their own benefits.
    And this is not a single case … a lot of students told me, that “elder” man support them for their studis, but expect to be their “uncle”.
    2_ It shows the porganizational lack of the education system in Siera .
    Hence you should think about the recommendations of a potential LDU-programme :
    3_ Five Finger – LDU-Programme .. .
    What is the CAUSES of the development of a society / community / country?
    3.1_ Transparency STATE HOUSEHOLD / BUDGET
    with annual audits of the income and expenditures. The results must be published in the internet and a “Freedom of Information Act” must give the right to everybody to request information in all authorities. The “38” Performance Contracts with the Quantitive and Qualitative assessment shall be published on a website with 24/7 access.
    3.2_ Fast and enriched qualified “non-expensive” INTERNET COMMUNICATION
    3.3_ Free and enriched qualitative EDUCATION with better pay for the teachers, lecturers and professors.
    3.4_ LAND REFORM, re-allocation and consolidation of land holdings – it is the key for the development of the country together with the accountability / credibility of
    3.5_ an enhanced JURISDICTION system and accelerate JUDICIARY procedures
    with the civil rights / civil liberties:
    Truth shall rule and shall not be followed by a distorted procedure:
    NO Money, NO Justice … Or DELAYING court sittings means DENYING Justice (here a special delayed court case http://www.aid21.de/TLA/ )
    I might be that some Witnesses, Lawyers, Judges and other involved key stakeholder will not be amused.
    All the best to establish a third way in Sierra Leone for the sake of the non-talented Ninty percent of al 16 ethnica tribes in Sierra Leone.
    http://www.aid21.de/LDU/index.htm (preview) or http://www.aid21.de/index.pdf (dowload)

    12th September 2013
  • Thank you Pa Pa Ernest for such a brave step in releasing him from duty and let the law take it full cause.

    We the women of Sierra Leone will always pray for God to strengthen you.

    Let it not stop here, we want you to follow up on this until, JUSTICE IS DONE

    11th September 2013

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