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No underage Secrete Society initiation, no flippant sorcery – Regional Herbalist Chairman and lady condemn

No underage Secrete Society initiation, no flippant sorcery – Regional Herbalist Chairman and lady condemn

Ishaka Kalokoh and N’Kaima Turay of 7 Yaide Street in Makeni have strongly condemned what they describe as the stubborn and unacceptable initiation of underage girls and kids into the “bondo society,” which is a prominent tradition, custom or belief that is solely practiced by African women especially in Sierra Leone. Typically, Bondo society is meant for women; notwithstanding the western pressure  on  African governments against what is  refer to as the underage circumcision of kids and girls under eighteen years. Sierra Leone as a respecter of the UN Charter, has over the years stand by its word to adhere to the international prohibition.  (Photo: Sowei Chairlady-N”kayima)

Over the years, the government of President,  Dr Ernest Bai Koroma has been  putting radical mechanisms in place  for heads of  traditional and secrete societies to desist from the forceful and underage initiations of kids and young girls under eighteen, yet, there is more to be done for effective achievement. A non-Herbalist Yayah Bunduka, welcome what he class as the patriotic ventures of the Herbalists to complimenting government effort in promoting security saying that with the perseverance of the Herbalists in their nationalistic fight, the public will soon come onboard with every support.

 Over the weekend, the Herbalist northern region Chairman alongside his Sowei Chairlady, N’Kayima held a meeting at their Union’s temporal Office at 20 Soldier Street in Makeni where the two  strongly blame their colleague Herbalists for their failure to constantly monitoring some of the sacred bushes where these activities take place within and around their jurisdiction in the  north part of the country.

N”kayima Turay is the Northern Region Sowei Chairlady who, during the condemn her colleague Herbalists and fellow Community women for what she called  the negligence and disinterest  in the protection of the rights of young girls and kids into the bondo society. She pursued to authoritatively tasking her colleague Herbalists more so the female membership and  a local Police wing in their Union to henceforth  act  vigilantly by further   bringing to book anyone found wanting. We have been very much keen about the violation but at the same time lethagic, she maintain. N’kaima  however suggests  the summoning of regular membership meetings including what she also refer to as the  media sensitizations before they could deeply delve into a routine tour and inspection within and around the north  of the  country despite her pursuant to expressing  regrets over what she call  their financial  incapability to stage-manage the monitoring operations. By way of further displaying her authoritative readiness, N’kayima  seize  the opportunity of dishing  out her cell phone number  for public contact on related issue (s) on +232-88-11-04-53-Ishaka on +232-76-83-12-78.

Orbaimba, Ishaka Kalokoh and Alpha Bundu

Orbaimba, Ishaka Kalokoh and Alpha Bundu

Northern Region Herbalist Chairman, Ishaka Kalokoh equally suggests a quick reason of holding consultative talks with their allies, the Local Authorities in a demand for collaborative effort   and authoritative support to making sure that no Herbalist alongside any affected victim is henceforth issued with what he term as “sorcery receipts. Any Herbalist who fail to produce a certified clearance from the Union’s Office (s) in a way of   attesting his/her capability and professionalism must not be encouraged by the concerned local authorities. This  has to do with the prevention of rash and unprofessional way Herbalists are being flippantly  issued with sorcery  receipts by some of the Local Authorities who  fail to consider the aftereffects  and consequences wherein  multi-dimensional burdens are  and heavily   piled on him  and his  Office at the end of the day and as a result of controversies and conflicts,  Ishaka stress. He went on to strictly sensitize  the gathering and his membership that on no  account must any member of the Union attempt destroying  innocent family members or relatives in the cause of their sorcery activities . The northern Herbalist Chairman continue schooling the gathering  that such practice has been totally  condemned in this modern days, stretching  that anyone found in the act will face the full wrath of the law, because the thief, victim  or causer must solely take responsibility of his/her wicked act and nobody else, he warned.

Regional Secretary-north, Alpha Bundu reiterated that there is no sober leadership or organization that succeeds without the meaning support and collaboration of the public. This is means that the Union and the general public need to put  more in the areas of sensitizations and awareness raising  for the good of all, Bundu admonish.  He hails the Sierra Leone Police Force in that part of the country for what he describes as their timely security support during their hot operations.  Appealing to the public for their ’ contribution and understanding,,  Abu Soro Kanu, Makeni city Herbalist Chairman  otherwise say he is  encouraging his colleague  Herbalists to skillfully report any individual who dare hire a member  to kill and destroy  a single innocent live. He   commended a Herbalist at Massingbi town in the far north-east  who recently prosecuted  his colleague Herbalist, Gbongbor for conspiring with a business tycoon in the township to kill one Mohamed, a father of five children. Gbongbor, the killer Herbalist succeeded killing Mohamed, but was prosecuted by his colleague who had earlier refused to be a third party to carrying out the wicked killer assignment. Inhumanely, the amount paid to the killer Herbalist by the town’s business tycoon was three-hundred thousand Leones out of a total agreement of five hundred thousand Leones which is an equivalent of about one-hundred and five US Dollars; Abu Soro cajoled his colleague Herbalists in his explanation. He further justified that protection will be given to anyone who prosecutes such wicked individuals within the society noting that they must remain Healers and not killers.

 Koloneh Kargbo in her vote of thanks reduced the fears of the unsuspecting public that in  this  modern of technology, the Herbalist profession is no exception to the modernization age and that there  will be  no room for the existence  of any form of unhygienic and odd  practice of a negative culture or  tradition. With regards to that she appeal, all must come onboard the fight against wickedness and cultism for a better nation, Koloneh concludes.

By Alie Mozart Sesay, Makeni

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