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Lunsar must thrive well this time in prosperity era

Lunsar must thrive well this time in prosperity era

Lunsar is a small town a third of the size of Makeni town,  both towns are in the northern province of Sierra Leone. Lunsar belongs to the Port Loko district and is ruled by the Marampa chieftaincy. The town is surrounded by hills that are rich in minerals of which iron ore is the chief mineral that has contributed immensely to the economy of Sierra Leone .

The town used to have beautiful touristic attractions such as forests , bushes that harbored friendly animals, insects and floral fauna. Lakes and rivers for picnics and fishing recreation gave the inhabitants a proud environment they talked about from generation to generation.

Before the iron ore mines began in 1943, the inhabitants of Lunsar were mostly farmers and cattle herdsmen. The inhabitants lived  peacefully and amicably among themselves. The main social programs included folkloric dancing, especially during the harvest seasons.  Notorious among this folklore was the ‘jolly dance,’ others were restricted to some form of registration by adults who can only be considered membership after an initiation is done. The popular ‘ojeh’ society was one of this beautiful folkloric dances.  The ‘Baskeda ‘ was one of the popular dance performed by the elders of the society where both genders can participate and perform certain jingoistic styles.

Lunsar was very peaceful and the inhabitants for certainty knew one another by name. It was in this era when the  first president of the republic of Sierra Leone the late Dr. Siaka Stevens built his political ambition as a trade unionist. He became later on an opposition leader of the APC party that saw him became prime minister after the elections of 1967.

After the establishment of the mines in 1943, Lunsar town expanded with more houses springing up, catering for people seeking employment from the mines. Sierra Leoneans coming from all corners of Sierra Leone and beyond were accommodated and lived happily for many years and some of these workers never returned to their places of origin.  The town became more vibrant that became a center of learning in the years ahead. The mines under the stewardship of Sierra Leone development company (DELCO) contributed immensely to the economy of Sierra Leone and contributed in the development of the town to some extent with a training school.

The harm that the mines did to the environment of Lunsar was more than the development it offered to its inhabitants. Most of its lakes and lagoons were obliterated to a quagmire of  the waste products of the mines. The landscape was changed  from flowing rivers to muddy tailings.

Delco  mines  closed its operations two decades ago with less development realized in Lunsar. The mines became a ghost  town in the mining areas. During this period government had to send the military to protect the mines and its installations unfortunately looting took place at DELCO.  After the military some notorious Lunsarians known to be looters also robbed the mines property. The town and its inhabitants was left to suffer further humiliation during the rebel war. “”O God please save Lunsar””

The importance of Lunsar cannot be overlooked after the war.  The need to revamp Sierra Leone’s economy became most evident as our economy was  at the bottom of the world’s records.  A new dawn was broken with London Mining taking over the iron ore mines.  Sierra Leone’s economy once more showed evidence of improvement.

Many hopefuls are praying to see things turned around this time in Lunsar with more benefits like modern roads and health facility of a secondary hospital erected by the mines.  One begins to wonder when these dreams become a reality with rumors of bribery and corruption going around the country.  The only hope would be Lunsarians should come together as one unit and fight for their rights. The green peace and other world bodies would surely support Lunsar to benefit as an industrial city with protection of its inhabitants, environment and all other needful incentives.

The Lunsar town is now blessed, help see Lunsar to thrive well in this era of prosperity of President Koroma.

Augustine Kamara

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