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Commit those rapists to long jail terms …

Commit those rapists to long jail terms …

Sex related offences are unbecoming nowadays and it has become insipidious as if our laws are fast asleep. It has emerged that the penal measures that are taken against rape offenders in Sierra Leone is not commensurate with the unholy act that was committed.

Rape is contrary to section 6 of the sexual offences Act No.12 of 1912. This Section deals elaborately on sexual penetration with intent, but the crime in itself is as old as the Act. When the act was promulgated in those days, rape and other sex related crimes rarely occurred and therefore the punishment for offenders at that time was very minimal.

The act has become so rampant that even a 2-years-old baby survivor has been added to the trepidation list.  It is by no means convincing that this 2 years old baby was sexual abused for the pleasure of the game, rather it is for something else that could be attributed to ritual as we were made to believe. This is basic insubordination!

In just a month the Northern Province alone accounted for 100 reported cases. What could be said about the other regions?

This is why we join Abdulai Baraytay who wrote to say “… a good starting point to nip this ugly increase in the act of rape is first to enforce the rule of law with an emphatic concentration on addressing the psychological trauma the victim endures, especially with shame and stigma, and sometimes blaming themselves for the uncontrollable acts, especially of pedophiles”.

However, if we can recall a krio adage, ’wae yu tok pan di dog nor forget for tok pan di bone’ (when you admonish a dog don’t forget to do the same to the bone). This is to say that our young ladies are becoming increasingly seductive and they are sexually assaulting their male counterparts on a daily basis. Their quest for money is one; also their dress code is enticing and often gives men the urge to make advances. That notwithstanding, the laws and jail sentences concerning rape must be reviewed and they must be made tougher and frightening.

Rape is gross immorality and this is not good for our nation in the sight of God.

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