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Momoh Konteh never misbehaved – senior journalists testify

Momoh Konteh never misbehaved – senior journalists testify

Using the media to settle personal scores is one of the vices that has dragged Sierra Leone journalism to the gutter. Many vindictive journalists and editors have acculturated the unpleasant habit of misusing their newspapers to maliciously attack their perceived opponents through the fabrication of transparent lies aimed at tarnishing the hard won reputation of their suspected antagonists.  (Photo: l-r Momoh Konteh in a recent interview with SLBC)

The altercation that transpired between Momoh Konte and the Managing Editor of the Independent Observer, Jonathan Leigh, on Friday, July 5th, at State House yard, is no secret as it happened in full view of senior journalists who were just from a press briefing where the president gave an update on his China trip.

The senior journalists who witnessed the argument have testified that Momoh Konte never misbehaved as written by the Independent Observer in its Monday July 8th edition.  On the contrary, it was Jonathan Leigh who is said to have misbehaved by teasing Momoh Konteh to talk to him in the presence of journalists and some ministers, all of whom have confessed that they were shocked by Jonathan Leigh’s provocative misbehavior.

According to eyewitnesses, all that Momoh Konte did was to snub Jonathan Leigh telling the editor to mind his own business.  Was that any form of misbehavior on the part of Momoh Konteh?  How many journalists did Momoh Konteh want to fight?  If somebody says thrice that he does not want to talk to you, is that misbehavior?

What about Jonathan Leigh who went to the extent of uninvitingly touching Momoh Konteh’s shoulder, did he not know he was misbehaving by provoking someone who categorically said he did not want to talk to him?

So, who actually misbehaved in the full view of senior journalists and ministers?

As journalists, we should be using our mighty pens to defend our people, not to offend them.  Why should Jonathan Leigh be so concerned about a case which Momoh Konteh has already won in court?

Why should one be so aggrieved simply because Momoh Konteh sold or donated a jeep to Sylvia Blyden?  What judicial powers does Sylvia Blyden have to acquit Momoh Konteh that should warrant the latter to bribe the former with a jeep?

As journalists, we have more burning issues to write about, not trivial things.

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