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Who is behind those Illicit miners?

Who is behind those Illicit miners?

Without saying, those bold and fearless illicit miners at Mobureh, Tisana and Shenge in the Moyamba District are operating under a political bigwig who this press is trying to identify, name and shame for supporting the exploitation of this nation via illegal means just to fatten his own pocket.

If no big political tycoon was not behind those illicit miners, they would not have had the audacity to defy government’s moratorium on Zircon mining and continue to mine the banned mineral with impunity with the police, the Mines Ministry and other stakeholders doing little to stop them.

Surely, the illicit miners must have capitalized on the support of that political heavyweight to brutalize an Indian Investor whose case is being delayed while his assailants walk boastfully free.  Although those illicit miners and their secret Chinese supporters have fleeced this nation billions in the form of evaded taxes, no punitive measures have been instituted against them, possibly because of their affinity with that political giant who is operating behind the screen.

We believe the unfair treatment meted out to the legal company, AAMR, and the privileges enjoyed by illegal miners are clearly pointers to the fact that the rampant illicit mining of Zircon in the Moyamba District is politically located, otherwise, illicit miners cannot be so bold and defiant to the point of jumping government ban.

The Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) undue focus on the AAMR artisanal mining for environmental assessment and its seemingly weak focus on the damage caused by the defiant illicit miners, whose illegitimate activities now threaten the very existence of the Shenge Jetty, also tempt us to believe that the AAMR is suffering from a grand politically motivated conspiracy while the illicit miners enjoy big political patronage.

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