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Following the discovery of massive malpractices in Zircon sand mining in especially Shenge, Tisana and Mobureh in Moyamba District where the West African Zircon Mining Company was involved

Without saying, those bold and fearless illicit miners at Mobureh, Tisana and Shenge in the Moyamba District are operating under a political bigwig who this press is trying

Although the Government of Sierra Leone has put a moratorium on the mining and selling of Zircon, reports from Shenge in the Moyamba District state the illicit miners

Following reports of rampant illicit mining of Zircon in Moyamba, the Government of Sierra Leone is reported to have put a temporal ban on the mining, selling and

“Agenda for Prosperity is hopeful and possible with the wealth of minerals that Sierra Leone is blessed with”.  These were the words of the country rep/manager West African