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President Ernest Koroma and President Alpha Conde are to be blessed

President Ernest Koroma and President Alpha Conde are to be blessed

Since I was born in Sierra Leone, my late parents started telling me stories about land issues.  For instance, how land problems are difficult to deal with. Particularly about land kapu, kapuer (grabbers) men and women.  My parents told me that sometimes even within the same family they used to fight for land or house.  Village to village used to wage war against each other, and above all country to country also used to have land boarder crisis.   As a very young man I knew nothing much about the world affairs, especially about land problems, the stories sounded very strange to me.

It was very hard for me to believe that people from the same family could fight for a piece of land or a house that has been left by their parents.  However, I managed to ask my late parents, mind you I used the word “managed” because culturally you do not have to argue or ask questions or too many questions when your parents talk about something. I asked pa, pa, (dad) why people fight and kill one another for a land, that was made by God not by man.

“Me pikin”, (my son) he responded, “there are several reasons that made people killing each other for the sake of land that belongs to God”.  He said “for instance, people fight for land or grab land to enriching themselves, some fight for the family so that their land could not be taken from them by land grabbers unlawfully.  Some or individual family member could sell their land to shylock land grabbers unknown to others, to fill their pockets at the expense of others. Country to country fight for a parcel of land along their boarders because of some of the natural resources that are in that piece of land”

When I further asked him who are these land grabbers, “ah me pikin, yu kno that e-nor easy for poor man to do that” (ah my son, you know that it is difficult for a poor man to fight for a land or grab a land).  Only those rich people like: politicians, presidents, Ministers, lawyers, magistrates, judges, doctors, senior civil servants, and businesspeople; all of these people are capable of using their satanic power and ill-gotten resources to defraud the poor and powerless people in any country in the world, especially in Sierra Leone.  And even some of the Paramount chiefs also used to connive with some families to gang up in selling their land to land- grabbers unknown to other members of the family for the sake of money”

One of my main questions to such explanations is why do people decide to gain the whole world and lose their soul or lose their respect for these worldly material things?  Money and land that they will not take to their graves, but they can stand and brag to destroy a whole country, towns or villages, at the detriment of the poor and defenseless people for the sake of acquiring more worldly satanic wealth.  Some of them will even decide to grab land that does not belong to them from their poor fellow citizens for their great, great grand children.  Even if he or she is going to stand trial in hell and be burnt in fire, he or she will not mind that.  Why do people take what does not belong to them?  I think the answers are simple, it is because they have power, they also have the key to hell which is money and above all, they are not God fearing people.  Honestly speaking any GOD fearing person will not take what does not belong to him or her, especially from the poor, powerless and defenseless people.

What I am really trying to point out to my noble readers is that President Ernest Bai Koroma of Sierra Leone and President Alpha Conde of Guniea are to be praised and blessed every day in our daily lives because of their selfless and God fearing attitude and behaviour that they showed, especially for the love of their countries and people.

For the fact that if two of them would have had drawn daggers against each other on the Yenga border dispute issue, many poor innocent lives and properties would have perished.  No one would have been able to give accurate account of such loss.  Our 11-year senseless brutal civil war that destroyed poor Sierra Leoneans’ lives and properties in the country is a case in point.

Therefore, If am not mistaken President Ernest Koroma and President Alpha Conde are the only people in the world, especially in the African continent,  who had settled their countries’ 15 to 20 years outstanding border dispute in a very peaceful and amicable diplomatic way  without a gunshot or without shedding innocent blood of Sierra Leoneans or Guineans.  I believe they did this because they do not want to gain the entire world and lose their soul or lose their God given respect for the sake of worldly material gain.

While a single Sierra Leonean like Charles Margai a trained lawyer for that matter who I think he should know the difference between right and wrong, is boasting of have 20,000 Kamajors standing by to destroy the newly gained development in the rest of the country for the sake of a piece of land that he alleged to have owned.

I think if he would have been President Koroma of Sierra Leone or President Alpha Conde of Guinea, he would have had put Sierra Leone on fire again because of the Yenga border dispute.  So that enemies of peace, unity, progress and development would have had another field day in the country at the expense of the poor and defenseless people.  Thank God he was NOT.

To be honest, one was thinking that Charles Margai had made lot of money with lots of proprieties through the operation of his law firm and his political maneuvering activities that would have been enough for him.  But he made people start to think what type of Sierra Leonean that he is who prefer to destroy the entire country because of a piece of land.  What kind of money, wealth or property or riches that he is still looking out for at the age of 68?

If I may further ask more questions, is Charles Margai going to take all the riches that I think he posses to his grave?  Is Charles Magai’s life more valuable or more precious than the poor village children or people that he called Kamagors to kill themselves and destroy the entire country because of him, while he will be running to Guinea, Liberia or Europe with his family?

Look at the hard working and beautiful late SLPP woman MP, Alice Foyah who went to answer the call of her master (GOD), recently what did she take along with her to her grave?  And what about late Kanji Daramy, who was a Managing Director of the Sierra Leone Post Office and later he became a Press Secretary at State House.  When he died recently what did he take to his grave?  Why do some people deliberately refused to learn good lesson from such events in the world, especially in Sierra Leone?

May their souls rest in perfect peace where they are currently live to answer their questions in connection with their earthly good or bad deeds if they have any questions to answer.

Are Charles Margai’s children going to be the Kamajor ring leaders  or commanders that he will bring in Freetown to fight for him, or he will escape with them to Guinea, Europe or America?  While the poor innocent parents’ children (Kamajors) will be killing themselves and destroy the country for the sake of him?  Charles Margai’s Kamagors, if you really do exist somewhere else in the provinces as alleged by Margai himself, please learn your bitter lesson from the 11 years of war in the country, especially on what you achieved or benefited from during the war.

The lesson is that whether you benefited greatly during the sacrificing of your valuable lives and families for the sake of the greedy, selfish and unpatriotic sugarcoated politicians in the name of fighting for your country or not.  You should think twice before you leap for another self destruction of your future or lives.  Charles Margai will leave you and flee to Guinea, America or Europe while you will be killing yourselves and destroying your villages and towns and at the same time you  may end up going to Rwanda prison like Issa Sesay of RUF and other former Kamajor leaders.  Currently who cares about Issa Sesay and the former Kamajor leaders’ family when they are in prison?  Food for thought for you!!

To President Koroma and his APC government, please, please do not take Charles Margai’s war threats for granted or with a pinch of salt.  When a blind man says I want to stone you, he might have already stepped on the stone that he would take to stone you with.  Wherever there is smoke, there is fire underneath.

Charles Margai was alleged to have said that he did not trust the Sierra Leone Police to defend him.  Therefore, he would defend himself by making use of the Kamajors.  Not even a month when he was alleged to have said that the Paramount Chief of Charles Margai’s  Bonthe district was allegedly to have had asked in a wide district “radio broadcast” for the withdrawal of the lawful constitutional state security (police) so that the Kamajors would take over the entire District security.

To the tribalist and regionalist, please stop tribalising, regionalising or politicising very important sensitive state issues in the country – cannibalism and kamajor.  We do not want to see our poor defenseless people going back to the bush to seek refuge for the safety of their precious lives while you will be escaping to Guinea, Liberia, Europe or America to save your life from the satanic mess that you have created.

Charles Margai made his threats war remarks against the state and president Koroma; it was not even a complete month; when we started hearing about serious cannibalism in the country, especially in his own home town.  The alleged cannibalism activities in Bonthe district could be a preparation for the initiation of Charles Margai, alleged 20,000 Kamajors, especially when the Paramount Chief was allegedly to be part and parcel of the cannibalism activities in the district.

God bless President Koroma of Sierra Leone and President Alpha Conde of Guinea for their being selfless in their lives and for also putting the interest of their countries, poor innocent and defenseless people above riches or wealth.


By Tony Bee, Sydney, Australia

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