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That Our Bias Justice System

That Our Bias Justice System

It seems, if not obvious that our justice system is partial and selective in the dispensation of proper justice to the people of Sierra Leone. It could be vividly remembered by Sierra Leoneans that when cocaine plane unlawfully accessed our National Airport last year, many people were implicated for having hands in the cocaine deal. These included stalwarts and ordinary workers at the Sierra Leone Airport port Authority (SLAA). (Photo: Kemoh Sesay former Minister of Transport and Aviation)

Some await long adjourned trials whilst others were constantly on the run to escape the course of justice. For those who wait trails seem to be unfortunate and they served as scapegoats for those who are on the run.

Had it not being that our justice system is selective and slow to deliver justice, a proper surveillance mechanisms would have been put in place to bring to book all those are on the run, perverting justice. And one of the mechanisms that would have made this to work is the international policing network (Interpol). But who knows whether the judiciary of this country puts any stringent measures in place to surveillance   the movement of those indicted and have fled into other countries. Those that are on the run wherever they might be would have been brought to justice by now had there been an effective and unbiased judiciary system in this country.

Yes indeed, Gibril Kamara and others were declared by the state as wanted and little efforts were made by the police to display their photos at the various police stations around the country as wanted men for justice. But as time passes, the police pay lip service to the issue, while those that were unfortunate enough are languishing at the Pademba Road Maximum Prison and those that were fortunate enough enjoying freedom and seek refuge in other countries.

Also, one of the variant ministers in the APC regime by then, honorable Kemoh Sesay was implicated and subsequently relieved from office in order to ensure proper investigation; while others like Chernor Momodu Bah, a senior assistant Air Traffic controller were incarcerated awaiting vain trials.

What baffles many Sierra Leoneans most especially this writer was the very fact that after a thorough investigation by the police and they found out that the former Minister of Transport and Aviation was innocent why was he not restored to office? Because we were told he was relieved from performing state duties in order to ascertain unhindered investigation. Or is it that Kemoh Sesay paid the prize of freedom just by being relieved from his Ministerial position? By the keen look of things under the sun, it is crystal clear that we now have sacred cows’ more than ever before.

Looking at our justice system from another angle, it is appropriate to confirm that it has shy away from transparency which is one of the basic and effective tools of an impartial justice system and democracy. If one may ask, where was the object (cocaine) of investigation taken to after police was intercepted by the police? Was it returned to where it came from or destroyed? All these questions are posed because we are yet see or hear where the cocaine was destroyed in the eyes of all to see.

With little or no response to those worrying questions, it generous and appropriate to say that offer two years of cocaine investigation Sierra Leone was playing international politics to satisfy outside world. Transparency is one of the bedrocks to governance and democracy, but in Sierra Leone today that term has been misappropriated and does not reflect on our judiciary system. However, with such unfortunate developments on our praised –democracy, it is high time the minds of Sierra Leoneans are taken back to Truth and Reconciliation (TRC) findings and what it recommend. In the Truth and Reconciliation enquiry findings spearheaded by the most Reverend Bishop Humper state that one of the main causes of the 10-11 worthless rebel incursion was as a result of bad governance and improper justice system. The TRC report spelt out the factors that breed war in Sierra Leone. It will be of good essence of only every Sierra Leonean household has a copy of the TRC report or if being introduce into our learning curriculum so that Sierra Leoneans might be able to eschew catastrophic as it was experienced in the rebel war.   

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