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Paul Kamara opens another wound

Paul Kamara opens another wound

The notorious Sports Minister, Paul Kamara, has again drawn daggers with his Deputy Sports Director, Pamela Williams and the National Olympic Committee (NOC).

According to the minister, the Deputy Sports Director, Pamela Williams disobeyed him when she was told not to take part in the NOC congress.

The minister also alleged that the NOC has squandered money and that NOC must report to him how they spent their money.

  • It was this same Paul Kamara who said there will be no FA Congress until Rodney Michael was out of the race as he is white Sierra Leonean and that he the minister was supporting a black Sierra Leonean.
  • It was this same man who said Rodney Michael will not vie as long as he remains Minister of Sports because Rodney was LSPP and his opponent was APC.
  • It was this same minister who said Mercury International was a gambling company and that because Rodney was part of it, he was not eligible to vie for the FA Presidential election but this same Paul Kamara will allegedly approach the company to loan money from the very Mercury earning its money from gambling and spending it on Leone Stars.
  • It was this same Sports Minister who banned all sports journalists from watching all Leone Stars matches and nobody advised him that he was doing evil to his colleagues.
  • It was this same Sports Minister who abandoned a football meeting in the Vice President’s office, Chief Samuel Sam Sumana and hit his door and walked out to the dismay of everybody present.
  • It was this same Minister who said chicken was expensive than a woman and he was bluffing at ease.
  • This same man who is always known to accuse people without evidence has in the past accused the likes of Alim Awoko Sesay, Abubkarr Sweet Kay Kabba, Abdul Kamasieu, Alimu Bah, Morrison Sannoh and J.S Keifala of match-fixing Leone Stars matches without evidence and that he will take them to Anti-corruption but up till now after denting the images of these gentlemen, he never apologized to them after falsely embarrassing them.
  • It was this same Paul Kamara who closed down WAFA office at National Stadium because they did not support him in a fight that had no substance.
  • It was Paul Kamara who once told football stakeholders report to Lord Haurhaur and cared a hoot about whatever he said to them and he is still walking like a proud man.

Now he has taken the battle to Pamela Williams and the NOC. Who will be next?

Only God knows what has gone wrong with Paul Kamara who used to be a gentleman, human rights activist, but now human right abuser.

Be careful!

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  • to the embassy of SL, Berlin
    we are very concerned about the news from SL.
    The new NOC crew was democratically elected-and then banned from your sport minister?
    Were it not HIS candidates?What a democracy!
    We are very disappointed by this development-and hope that your president E.Koroma, the consequences for Paul Kamara moves.

    With freunlichem Greeting
    Friends of SL
    Dr. Henning Koch and Gudrun Koch

    30th May 2013

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