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Corporate plot to sink African Minerals

Corporate plot to sink African Minerals

Everywhere in the world where big cooperate institutions exist and want to strive, often at the expense of rival institutions, there is bound to be what is termed as corporate war that is most times fought with what ever available weapon ranging from blackmail, deplorable and senseless media stunts and often crude and physical frontal attacks all in a bid to put a contesting rival institution out of business or placed in the corner.

One of the few corporate institutions that has emerged in post war Sierra Leone that is capable to awaken our country from the endless shade of economic slumber – African Minerals Limited has just at the embryo of its exploit in the country begun tasting its own speck such malicious and flimsy attacks in a bid to apparently discourage the revered investor from casting his dice with Sierra Leone.

Frank Timis, Chairman, African Minerals

Frank Timis, Chairman, African Minerals

That at best may not concern a lot of people, but the reason why many of have taken interest in the whole show is the public interest implication that have been borne out of such insidious and ill-motivated attacks. The rationale behind issues raised in the attack on the company like that of the childhood drug life of its Chief Executive Officer are very difficult to understand and as such could not be made to be understood in any way except for the fact that the media would want to blackmail and discourage the man’s interest in the country, a situation if achieved definitely will lead to immense loss to not just the government but also the mass generation of jobless and starving youths  that have relied on the company’s establishment and operation to survive.

Another reason why such attacks could be seen as ill motivated is the fact that some media that may be apparently serving the caprices of other corporate institutions; is that the company has been accused of posing or creating fronts that are never real and as such is hoodwinking the government and people of Sierra Leone.

But if conning the people and government of Sierra Leone would mean that roads traversing the country will be constructed, rail trains brought back, ports constructed; our youths gain employment than ever before, government’s revenue, royalties and taxes collected have the virtual raise; then we might as well implore and entreat the God Almighty to be sending such rogues as Frank Timis who are bound to better our lives more than every before.

We might have this piece of advice for Frank Timis and his dedicated team of Sierra Leonean core that have decided to contribute in no small terms to the development of the country that life in Sierra Leone: that this must be a surprise as such disparaging tendencies exist everywhere and to in particular note that some of our compatriots are hardcore opportunists and that if permitted will take advantage of situation to get their way regardless of the consequence of their action to national good. So like the president of the republic has told you guys: go on with you activities and be sure to let it reflect on Sierra Leone as a people and as well as the state.     

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