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Ansu Kaikai trashes Berewa’s book

Ansu Kaikai trashes Berewa’s book

One of the longest serving members of the current parliament Hon. Ansu Kaikai of Constituency 87 in the Pujehun district, on Tuesday this week publicly disagreed with the statement contained in the recent book authored by the former vice president and flag bearer of the SLPP 2007, Hon. Solomon Berewa, that it was Sir Albert Margai former leader of the SLPP and Prime Minister who actually introduced tribalism in this country when he decided to sack four of his cabinet ministers who were non-Mende ministers including Dr. John Karefa-Smart and Y D Sesay.  (Photo: former Sierra Leone Vice President, Solomon Berewa)

Speaking at a press conference held at his parliamentary office, he told media practitioners that on the contrary it was Sir Albert Margai, who became a victim of tribalism.  He said Margai was the first provincial lawyer in the country and the first provincial man to participate in the politics of Freetown by contesting for the position of a councilor in the Freetown City Council but he lost the election as the Krios who were the predominant ethnic group in Freetown accused him that he came from the protectorate.  He later entered the legislative council in 1951 and after the 1957 elections in which Siaka Stevens and Sir Milton Margai were not the best of friends.  According to the SLPP MP, both men fell apart and Siaka Stevens was subsequently dropped from Sir Milton’s cabinet and Sir Albert Margai quitted to join his fraternal friend Siaka Stevens.

Hon. Kaikai pointed out that Sir Milton Margai together with other young nationalists like Maigore Kallon, Garshon Collier, Berthan Macauley, Abu Koroma of Kono district and M O Bash Taqi joined in to form the People’s National Party (PNP) that opened the debate of Sierra Leone’s independence.  They joined the SLPP and the United People’s Party (UPP) and went to Lancaster House in the United Kingdom to meet the British and request independence.

Hon. Ansu Kaikai the Deputy Minority Leader said although he was a small boy at the time but he was following event and he knew Sir Albert Margai.

He said Sir Albert Margai was a proud nationalist leader who loved his people and country; he said most of his close friends were Krio and northerners like PC Kandeh Yumkellah, Kandeh Bureh, Alusine Kandeh, S B Marah and Hon. Abdul Kabia who was the deputy foreign minister, to name but a few.

He said following the death of Sir Milton Margai many politicians thought that they would fill the vacuum, prominent among them was Dr. John Karefa-Smart.  Sir Albert Margai then emerged as the Prime Minister while the Governor General was Sir Henry Lightfoot-Boston.  Sir Albert Margai however died on 18th December 1980 in Maryland in the United States of America.

Hon. Ansu Kaikai is challenging Solomon Berewa that Sir Albert Margai never introduced the seed of tribalism in this country.  He therefore refers Mr. Berewa to read the book written by Garshon Collier titled ‘The Trial of Democracy,’ published in 1970.

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  • Its due time Sierra Leoneans start concentrating on economic development rather than political, tribal or ethnic issues. The G8 is well known and respected not because of its political rigor but its economic clout. Lets discuss more about the economic activities taking place within the informal sector which did not reflect or has any bearing within our GDP, such as corporate misbehavior by multinational corporations and the huge economic loss due to illicit mining and the smuggling of our precious resources. In addition, the culture of impunity and recklessness in the part of government officials must be eradicated for our country to see headway. My political party is anyone that will turn Sierra Leone the Dubai of Africa. God bless Sierra Leone

    20th October 2013
  • I agree with the above comment. However, it is time that we start to think along national interest rather than along ethnic lines. Putting national interest first will help the next generation of Sierra Leoneans to prosper in a better environment. We need a melting pot and not a salad bowl. The more we think for the future, the more the likelihood for prosperity and security for all.

    20th March 2013
  • Ansu kaikai have hit a crucial point in Sierra Leone politics. It is for this reason that the SLPP keep losing elections in the Western Area. Kabba (His cabinet was truly national) won because the Creoles overwhelmingly supported him. They may be a minority but whether you agree or not they are king makers.

    Stories handed down from one Creole generation to another talk of Albert’s irrational behavior once he gained power. If Albert was not a tribalist why did he remove Creoles from position of authority and replace them with Mendes immediately he assumed power? Is it in revenge because he lost the City council elections?

    The fact is taking the political landscape then Margai would never have won in Freetown. It’s like Wallace Johnson expecting to win in Gbangbatoke. The fact still remains even today that Sierra Leoneans vote according to tribal demographics. This trend is slowly changing, but will take time.

    As a nationalist what legacy did Albert leave the SLPP? The SLPP will continue to struggle until they bridge the gap and misunderstanding between Creoles and Mendes.

    Not that the Creoles love the APC more, but most because of the stories handed down to them by their ancestors feel more secure in their jobs etc. when APC is in power. (It’s a case of my enemy’s enemy is my friend). I remember asking one of my Creole cousins why he does not like the SLPP, his only answer was that the SLPP is tribalistic. Despite the lawlessness and indiscipline in Freetown creoles will still vote APC because of that initial rash or revenge action by Sir Albert Margai.

    Ansu Kaikai love to say that the Creoles have no constituency, well if that’s the case SLPP will keep losing in the Western Area. By the way the new definition of Creole according to the late Foday Saybana Sankoh is ” Everyone with a Western Education, living a Western life style, exploiting the masses”.

    19th March 2013

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