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Prosecution calls 3rd witness in murder investigation of Adeyemie Justine Patrick Johnson

Prosecution calls 3rd witness in murder investigation of Adeyemie Justine Patrick Johnson

Eight accused persons in the name of Alake Olive Johnson, Omar Majid, Eastace Cole, Edward Joseph Moijueh, John Turay, Abdul Rashid Jalloh alias Skull, Alie  Conteh alias Scholar, Chemon Bah, who were arrested on the 17 December 2012 are before Magistrate Kumba Kamanda of Magistrate court No 2 for preliminary inquiry.  They were indicted on a five count charge.  Count one is conspiracy to commit murder contrary to law and the particulars that all accused person on Monday 12 November 2012 at No. 65 Old Railway line Wilberforce Freetown Conspired together and with other persons unknown to murder Adeyemie Justine Patrick Johnson.  Count two is murder contrary to law and the particulars that all accused persons at same place and date did murder him. Count three is larceny contrary to law and the particulars that all accused person’s stole a Toyota Corolla Saloon Car with Reg No. AGW112, A Drivers License and a vehicle registration card in the name of Mr Adeyemie Johnson, being property of value. And count five Arson of a Dwelling House contrary to section 2 of the Malicious Damage Act 1861 and the particulars that and the particulars that Uman Majid and Edward Joseph on Tuesday 13 November 2012 at No 65 old Railway Line Wilberforce Freetown set fire on the dwelling house of Adeyemie Johnson with intent to injure and damage property.

Detective police Sergeant Alie Sankoh attached to the CID Congo Cross, the third prosecution witness was led in evidence in chief by prosecuting counsel Robin Mason ESQ. He recognized the 1st 2nd 4th and 5th accused persons.  He told the court he was on duty on November 13, 2012 when a murder case was reported to him by one Mr. Sylvanus. He then left with him together with six other police officers to the scene. He said he discovered that the dwelling house was in disorder and upon entering the room of the deceased he realized the door was removed and placed elsewhere.  Upon entering the room, it was covered with smoke and he saw the corpse lying on the bed on his belly. His hands were tied behind him as well as his legs, he testified.  A wound was also seen behind his head and upon turning him, his mouth was plastered. A two gallon container with petrol smell was as well discovered beside the bed. He said photographs of the scene were taken and the corpse taken to the hospital. He said he was also present when the post mortem was conducted.

He continued that the 5th accused was later arrested by the team on the 29 November 2012  by Aberdeen during which they immediately proceeded to search his premises. He said they discovered a booth which he claimed to be his. He told the court the accused said he had a bag in the coffee shop that he wished to take. They then proceeded there and collected it which was searched in his presence and a vehicle life card and a Sierra Leonean driver’s license were discovered in it. He said on December 7, 2012 the CID Team and him visited the scene the second time and the 1st 2nd, 4th, and 5th accused persons were present. While there he said the 4th accused said it was the 1st and 2nd accused persons who got him in the matter while crying. He wanted to attack the 1st accused person.  He said while behind the 1st accused house, the 2nd accused said “mama you are the one who have involved me in all this I advised you but you did not listen.”  The matter was adjourned to March 7, 2013 for the prosecution to continue their case.

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