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Professor Parrot with Joseph Milton Lebbie

Professor Parrot with Joseph Milton Lebbie

Minister of Brutality – Parrot has gathered that Pa Koroma now has a new ministry called, Ministry of Brutality, and it has pleased Pa Koroma to appoint Alimamzo Kamaranzo to head this newly-created ministry. This new ministry is charged with the responsibility of brutalizing recalcitrant youths who refuse to tow the line of certain big men in the party. Honestly, Alimamzo is the best and fittest man to handle this new ministry as he has started very well by terrorizing and brutalizing some stubborn youths who disobeyed his illegal command to nullify long-concluded elections. Parrot was most unfortunate to witness the thrilling gymnastics and acrobatics which Alimamzo used to beat a bloody hell out of the disobedient youths.

Therefore, the great Parrot is hereby recommending that Alimamzo be honored and decorated with a National Brutality Award for his gallantry in inflicting unprecedented brutality on defiant youths. Moreover, Alimamzo is the only minister that is now heading two ministries simultaneously, Ministry of Youths and Ministry against Youths, apart from his most recent appointment as Minister of Brutality, this qualifies him more for the said National Award.

Defying the National Flag – Parrot believes that ministers are representing the National Flag and that defying them is tantamount to defying our green, white and blue flag which we claim to respect highly. So, when the great bird heard that the Mayor of Kenema City molested a whole cabinet minister appointed by His Excellency the president of this republic and approved by our elected parliamentarians, Parrot wondered whether the mayor had gone out of his five senses, or whether the mayor was too drunk with the pride of his new position, or whether the mayor was too afraid to face the minister. Whatever the case, Parrot is strongly advising the defiant mayor never to repeat such an unpatriotic behavior; challenging a minister is equal to challenging the president and the whole nation.

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