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When a Minister Goes Mad

When a Minister Goes Mad

Being a minister of a whole country is no mean thing; a ministerial position is a sacred, responsible and honorable position the holders of which should behave honorably as any unruly behavior on their part bears the highest propensity to stain the national and international image of the country they represent.

I have been reliably informed that very recently, His Excellency, President Ernest Bai Koroma’s newly appointed Minister of Youths, Alimamy Kamara, beat up and wounded a youth right in the APC national office in Freetown. The bloody fight is said to have erupted when the just-appointed minister and his hired thugs breezed into the party office and forcefully demanded an instant nullification of the concluded election of the national executive of the National Union of APC Students.

This information sent shock shivers running down my spine, especially when I imagined the ugly sight of an appointed minister fighting publicly. Now that this just-appointed minister has started going mad with anger to the point of beating up somebody even when he has not yet been approved by parliament, what guarantee  have we that, if approved, this same man will not go berserk one fine day and beat the hell out of a colleague minister?

Interestingly, Alimamy Kamara who has been appointed to seek the welfare of youths has kicked off by beating and injuring an innocent youth, galvanizing hardened thugs to cause commotion and wreck other forms of havoc. Having manifested his violent tendencies, Mr. Kamara has already disqualified himself to head the Youth Ministry in Sierra Leone, a country that is striving to consolidate peace after a decade-long rebel mayhem. Nowadays, we need peaceful and law abiding ministers, not lawless ones who are trying to sabotage President Koroma’s war on lawlessness.

The saying goes that position changes man, so, there is need for one to change his or her bad ways when occupying certain sensitive positions in society. I agree that every human being has the tendency to go mad with anger when occasion demands but we should not allow our emotions to drag us to a point we are not supposed to reach.

By Joseph Milton Lebbie

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