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The voiceless youths what an opportunity to grab

The voiceless youths what an opportunity to grab

The clock is ticking and the years are rolling slowly before an era of prosperity rolls over to an era of a developed Sierra Leone in 2017. God willing, Amen. This and many more positive speculations are what are going on in the minds of many Sierra Leoneans.

The pioneer of the transformation of Sierra Leone has captured my heart with a casual promise he made and has fulfilled. This I will reveal at the end of this article.

Sierra Leone is moving forward and this is by no means a mistake but a reality. A reality in the sense of hard work and planning. When President Dr Ernest Koroma took the reins of power, the soft spoken president has hired and fired many public officials in his government. Flanked by many young faces and a few veteran politicians, he stunned the world politics with surprises. With some of the young faces still seen around his cabinet. The bickering about his new cabinet consisting of Mr “X “ and not Mr “Y “ sounds funny and unpatriotic. Sometimes it is annoying when criticisms are made with no solutions. This is exactly similar to a witch hunt.

At a difficult time when he was trying to get rid of the darkness and the garbage around the capital of Freetown, much pessimism as usual were expressed against his ideologies and guess what? Those criticizers were the same ones that were polluting the streets of Freetown. At the end of the day, the Bumbuna hydroelectric power became a reality. The iron ore mining which has recently boosted our economy in this downside world economy, had remained dormant for nearly four decades, with several investors shying away for many reasons of which insecurity was one of them. Today under a peaceful president many investors have shown up and the country is moving forward.  Detractors have once again sprung up with negative criticisms.  Applying many theories that corruption is rampant is not a solution, corruption has a degree of tolerance , of course let me don’t be construed I am totally against corruption the unfortunate thing is that on planet earth corruption exists everywhere, except where human beings do not live. In the midst of this criticism the president has fulfilled all his promises for the agenda of change.

Now let me divulge the promise he made in New Jersey where I witnessed the president’s promise to M.B. Atilla that he would consider him in his cabinet if presented by his constituents. I discussed this statement with King M.B. Atilla and by intuition believed the president, and it has come to pass with the appointment of honorable King M .B. Atilla as deputy minister of Social Gender and Child Welfare Ministry. Who is Hon Atilla?  He isan activist and physically handicap with sight, but has plucked and touched the hearts of many including president Koroma’s heart.

Now to our youths of Sierra Leone, where are we in this equation of prosperity? We have to take up our responsibilities. Is there is someone ready to promote the youths of Sierra Leone? The youths of Sierra Leone should do their homework and make use of the opportunities as outlined by President Ernest Koroma’s parliamentary opening speech where he has outlined his agenda of prosperity. Education, agriculture, and mining are fields to be explored vigorously. Therefore it is proper to criticize, but, please fellow journalists, let us use constructive criticisms and allow His Excellency President Koroma to deliver his agenda of prosperity. I testify he would as he delivered with Hon King M. B. Atilla.

Let us stop hypocrisy the truth is boldly written on the wall that Ernest Koroma and his team are the world’s best and shall deliver.

Long Live the president

Long Live the people of Sierra Leone.

Augustine Kamara

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