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As guard-killer suspect still at large … relatives escape death, many eyemarked

As guard-killer suspect still at large … relatives escape death, many eyemarked

Residents of the Freetown municipality were awakened by the euphoria last week when the still desperate and uncompromising relatives of the deceased guard in the August 2012 murder incident in which traditional ritual rite proposed to subject Adams Sesay (in photo) to the harsh realities of life embedded in most African communities has attracted keen attention to Sierra Leone, a country torn apart by an eleven-year civil unrest perpetuated by majority of its youthful population.

This recent development has attracted special attention, influenced tongue wagging and created a safe abode for eavesdropping at market centres as well as public meeting points to figure out how in modern day Sierra Leone, such spate of lawlessness, cannibalism and human rights abuse could be witnessed.

It all started when in August this year in the rural setting of Matela Village, elders of that community approached Adams Sesay to prevail upon him to occupy the chiefdom leadership position after the demise of his father, Chief Pa Mustapha Sesay months earlier

At that time, the elders succeeded in laying hands on the heir to the throne, Adams Sesay who was tied to a stick in a deep forest where one of the guards deployed to deter his escape was butchered in cold blood.

However, the suspect made a narrow escape after overpowering the guards during which a guard was killed in the scuffle, leaving the other guards seriously injured, a development that prompted a condone search for Adams Sesay who had sought refuge at a church premises in Freetown.

According to an eyewitness report, the family of the Adams Sesay is now in hiding being searched for by blood thirsty irate relatives of the deceased guard who have vowed to devour or subject every member of the Sesay family to torture if identified or caught not excluding his wife and two children.

It is not known what the future would hold for such helpless Sesay family, but visible enough is the frequent visitation of the family premises of the suspect by machete brandishing relatives of the deceased guard.

Skirmishes of the last attack on the family premises of the suspect, Adams Sesay, are beyond imagination as the whereabouts of the wife and children of the suspect are still unknown whilst the neighbourhood is being subjected to thorough search by security personnel to identify the missing link to unravel the correct location of the suspect.

In an interview with senior police personnel stated in Freetown that such incident has created inconveniences in the neighbourhood and the state, hence demanding a stiff action to bring the real culprits to book.

According to sources, there is the potential for more skirmishes to be perpetuated by desperate relatives of the deceased guard who view their stance and action not attracted more attention in their pursuit to cause mayhem for the demise of their loved one disregarding the utilisation of the court of law to seek redress.

Members of the fourth estate are now well alert to report developments surrounding the deterioration of law and order and the blatant display of cannibalism in an urban setting by blood thirsty youths.

Over the past several months, more confrontations have been reported between rival political party members of the incumbent All Peoples Congress and the opposition Sierra Leone Peoples Party on the eve of the fourth-coming presidential, parliament, local councils and mayoral elections on November 17, 2012.

The present political euphoria in Sierra Leone has worsened the situation as the families of the deceased guard and Adams Sesay are connected to the incumbent All Peoples Congress party and the Sierra Leone Peoples Party respectively.

However, political rival groups in Sierra Leone always clash and it is evident that the members of the party that would lose at the polls would remain dormant, marginalised, deprived and depressed until their party returns to power spanning a not too distant future.

This medium will further chronicle events bordering on social, security, moral and economic developments, including the violent demonstration by irate relatives of the deceased guards who have caused the disappearance of a whole family whose suspected handiwork of their son has brought unrest in Matela, Freetown and the country at large, no wonder Sierra Leone still occupies the wrong ladder of the United Nations Human Development Index.

Oumar, New Citizen Press

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