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Adams Sesay now ‘most wanted’

Adams Sesay now ‘most wanted’

The plight of Adams Sesay, an indigene of Matela Village, Sanda Mabolothon, an urban habitat in Sierra Leone worsened after the death of his father, Chief Pa Mustapha Sesay on March 20, 2011, when he was approached by the elders to comply with the leadership legacy left behind by his father as the heir to the throne to occupy the vacant position.  (Photo: Adams Sesay)

This traditional rite was made known to Adams Sesay after the burial ceremony of the late chief at Matela Village.

Upon hearing such pronouncement from the chiefs, Adams vehemently denounced the proposal but chose to comply with the traditions of his people beyond his choice. The elders still suspected the potential for his escape, hence alerted the services of guards to monitor his movements within the chiefdom, the ritual venue for such ceremonies.

The details of the ceremony included the task on Adams to sleep in a coffin for three nights, after which he should slaughter a virgin girl who was already being tied to a stick in the bush and drink the blood of the slaughtered virgin girl.

During the protracted period being inspected by guards in the bush, prior to the above mentioned coffin-cum-virgin-girl slaughtering rituals, the ceremony of administering markings all over Adams Sesay’s body had been completed awaiting the sores to heal for the second stage of the rituals to commence.

 A scuffle erupted between Adams Sesay and the guards during which the former overpowered the latter to facilitate his escape from such detention resulting to the stabbing to death of one of the guards and leaving the one seriously injured.

According to sources, Adams Sesay later surfaced in a church in the West-end of Freetown to seek the protection of the members of that congregation.

At a historic annual revival at  Lumley Church, Adams was given the opportunity to give testimony of his life during which he explained his predicament and ordeal at Matela Village at the hands of the elders of that community which caused his escape.

The destitute Adams Sesay was given accommodation at the church compound.

On the 1st July, 2012, a delegation of irate relatives of the deceased guard stormed the church compound, brandishing machetes, cutlasses and knives to request the release of Adams Sesay stating, “he is a convict and deserves nothing but death.”

The man of God of the Lumley Church prevailed upon the irate relatives of the deceased guard, a move that dispersed them but left threatening remarks for more mayhem if the Pastor or church congregation did not produce Adams in their second condone search at the church compound.

According to eyewitness report, “after the crowd had dispersed, Adams Sesay defied the confrontational nature of the relatives of the deceased guard by embarking upon an escape to safety.”

The violent incident at the church yard had escalated due to the insinuation by some members of the secret society on Adams Sesay’s church revival testimony about the ritual practices at the shrine. Efforts to reach the accused, Adams Sesay, proved futile.

It is not known what the impact of another attack on the church compound in search of the accused will be, but it was visibly evident that the accused, Adams Sesay has been declared most wanted.

By A. Bedor

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