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Commending Victor Bockarie Foe

Commending Victor Bockarie Foe

Hear this, some come into politics to get fame, others to be rich and some to perform a national service.  Some are born with politics in them; others get into it and in the process, learn more about what life in politics is all about. For people like President Koroma, he came into the game of politics to give his best to national service and we saw what he did in five years and what he has told us, he intends doing in the coming five years. Even when he was faced with series of political and legal challenges prior to him attaining the presidency in 2007, President Koroma, then in opposition stood the test of time and in the end, he came in as the victor. Indeed, he came, saw it all and then conquered. Today, he is in state governance.  (Photo:  John Pa Baimba Sesay, IA, China)

But in all this, there is another name not to be forgotten and that is the name of Victor Bockarie Foe, who is party secretary for the All Peoples Congress party.  Some see him as the political strategist for the APC. He is all you think about someone that can work towards the success of his given political entity. He is Victor Bockarie Foe, a committed southern in the political journey of the APC.  I arrived in Beijing a little over a year ago, this week, precisely on the 13th December 2011 to pick up my job as Press Attaché. That was a month or two after having got my appointment letter. Few days later a delegation from the APC Secretariat, comprising Victor Foe and Logus Koroma also arrived in China on an official (political) function, which was to launch the Asia Branch of the APC. And that was after the Branch’s leadership, including the Chairman and Secretary had put all modalities together for a grand ceremony. And indeed, it became successful and great.  So to me, my first reportage from china was about a political event. The event was as mesmerizing and superb as was the preparation by the team of APC members in China, including but not limited to Chairman Turay Lamin.

So as you read, it is exactly a year old, this week that the firebrand politician and Secretary-General and Campaign Coordinator for the elections, Logus Koroma  All Peoples Congress party stormed China to officially launch the Asia Branch of the APC party. And precisely on the 18th of December of that same year-i.e., 2011 Foe  addressed a group of Sierra Leoneans, mainly APC supporters to be voter sensitive and to ensure, the 2012 general elections  be  won by the APC and its Presidential candidate, President Ernest Bai Koroma. It was during this meeting that he assured the APC membership of his determination for the party to be reelected with a 75 seats parliamentary majority. The assurance given by the delegation was very encouraging and gave hope to those present that the APC was poised to win the just concluded elections.  In fact speaking at the official launch of the APC Asia Branch in China, Victor Bockarie Foe was practical in assuring party members that the 2012 elections will be won by the APC and that “the APC will win on a clean slate and in a transparent manner with no rigging…” as the party believed in democracy and the rule of law. For him at the time, the formation of the Asia Branch was a very difficult task that the membership in Asia had embarked upon but was however firm in commending them for the good initiative and that “the formation of the branch in Asia is (was) a big present to the national party back home.” I also even recall, Victor Foe admonishing party supporters that “the APC believes that progress goes with discipline…we want our numbers to grow as politics is all about numbers…”

A year down the lane, given  Logus Koroma and Victor Foe’s prediction in Beijing and present day realities in Sierra Leone, from the perspective of the reelection of President Koroma and the APC, I came to see what he had predicted, coming to pass. The APC won and won with majority seats in Parliament. The party won with over 58%.  Victor Foe spoke of the party  winning over 70 seats and from the look of things, we are sure of getting that, with 68 seats won and three seats yet to be determined. Sierra Leone’s political write-up will never be complete without referencing the role that has been played by the All Peoples Congress and if so, then we also would say, Victor Foe’s role is very paramount in writing down the geopolitical history of Sierra Leone. The performance of the governing All Peoples Congress in the just concluded elections might have come as a result of the strong and sincere time and energy given to that great party by people like Victor Bockarie Foe, Logus Koroma a  and other people at the party’s secretariat. Coupled with the strategic manner in which the likes of Alpha Kanu, IB Kargbo and others sold the beliefs and philosophies of the APC to the voting public, coupled with the time that some ministers gave in ensuring their villages, town and chiefdoms cast their votes in favour of the President and the APC, it is also firmly believed that the secretariat did   great in providing some sort of administrative support to the election team.

Victor Foe (in white winter coat) in China with APC members

Victor Bockarie Foe’s commitment and dedication to the APC cannot be questioned. He has remained loyal to the beliefs and principles of the APC. He demonstrated his grassroot political beliefs in every concern he went prior to, during and even after the elections. His ability to adequately and effectively articulate the views, policies and principles of the APC were extremely great and above all, commendable. His dedication to service has always remained intact. He is APC to the core and this is something we can find difficult to challenge or dispute. Victor Foe’s knowledge about the APC constitution is extraordinary. He has given his time and did all he could to ensure the APC remains in power even at the most crucial time when the APC was in the political wilderness. At a time, by 2007 when little or nothing was known about the party, at a time he would work with the astute leadership that was and is still being provided by President Koroma, the ‘world’s best’, at a time when the mere mention of the name APC would land someone in trouble and when no one wanted to associate himself with the APC. Those were days when Victor Foe gave his time to the party. And those where the days President Koroma and others resurrected the party from nowhere to somewhere and it is but necessary thee are recognized for that role.

Foe’s ability and skills to interface with members of the APC in the Diaspora, from North America to China has always been helpful to the party. Just as I would say kudos to Logus Koroma, Kothor IB Kargbo, Sheka Tarawallie Alpha Kanu, Minkialu Mansaray and Bah, to Sam Sesay Alimamy Petito Koroma  to Sam Sumana and  lastly to the Leader himself, President Koroma as party leader, amongst others, the same I will say bravo to Victor foe for his time to the APC. Say what you may, the fact remains, Foe’s tenure at the APC Secretariat have been very productive and useful, with the party winning elections at a time it was in opposition and also being reelected after five years of exemplary performance in state governance.  The APC is a great party that has great people as its leaders and these great leaders have done great things for which they will greatly be rewarded this world and beyond.  Foe is one of such people, after President Koroma. This is my view.  Happy Xmas in advance and may we see a prosperous 2013.

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