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Minkailu Bah’s Retention Unacceptable

Minkailu Bah’s Retention Unacceptable

It is an open secret that the Minister of Education, Science and Technology, Minkailu Bah (in photo) is one of the most criticized ministers of President Koroma’s first government. His regime has been described by many educational authorities as an excellent failure evidenced by the catalogue of problems that keeps plaguing the Education ministry.

Since Minkailu Bah assumed office as Education Minister, hundreds of teachers in this country have gone without recruitment and approval. Subsidies have been paid very late and very intermittently. There has always been an over delayed payment of WAEC examiners and ghost teachers have persisted despite the series of verification exercises and government has been expending so much money.

We hold that a good minister should have the ability and knowledge to solve the problems of his ministry, but if a minister keeps presiding over a problem infested ministry without solving the problems, then we will begin to doubt the competence of that minister in handling the ministry’s affairs.

Moreover, we believe that a good minister should be in good working terms with stakeholders of his ministry but where that is absent the minister is bound to fail.

From our observation and investigation, Minkailu Bah is not in the good books of most educational stakeholders he is even being vehemently condemned by the closest officials around him. So, we are wondering how Minkailu Bah will succeed in the ministry?

This medium is strongly convinced that a cabinet minister that cannot deliver the good, bears the potential to tarnish the character of his government and even his president.

We are of the opinion that it is politically unwise for any president to retain a failed minister so, President Koroma must think twice about who is to be the Education Minister of his second government, especially when educational stakeholders have started kicking against the retention of Minkailu Bah.

Bad ministers make bad government.

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  • Given the apppaling state of the education system in Sierra Leone I really do not think there should be any debate as to whether Dr. Minkailu Bah should retain his position as he has proven himself to be not only incapable but an utterly incompetent education minister.
    I know one of the teachers who did not get paid for a whole year because he was never issued with a PIN Number. I was under the impression every PIN Number is linked to a post and this should be issude on the day the individual is employed.
    Nothing has been done with regards to the overcrowding in the schools with one school having a Junior and Senior secondary school.
    This is nothing but a breeding ground for corruption and a recipe for disaster because there is no way the students are going to learn anything beneficial if they are only spending about half the required time in school.
    If Dr Bah was not successful as a lecturer and could not get along with his colleagues why was he appointed as minister in the first place?
    And why was he allowed to stay in this position and mess things up for the last five years?
    I totally agree with M.S Fornah that the needs of the state should always take precedence over everything else.

    27th December 2012
  • The ministry of education in any country gearing for progress and development is one of the most important ministry.Having a minister of education who can not deliver as expected from him should not be compromised to the detriment of the country.President Koroma promised the Salone in his 1st. term to run his government like a business. Which means if you have a business without making any profit it means that business should be changed.So in the issue of the minister of education he must go. 5 years is long enough to make corrections. I have nothing against the minister of education. But the interest of the country comes first.

    24th December 2012
  • I met Dr. Minkailu Kargo in London back in 2007 after he was newly appointed ad Minister of Education and I must say I was very dissapointed with his responses following the destruction of the computer equipment at Muslim Congress by violent and lawless police officers. Dr Kargbo was blaming the students for the damage when there were eye witnesses including teachers who saw the police going in and wrecking the whole building. It lives a lot to be desired for President Koroma to retain this man as Minister for so long if he lacks the basic qualities of being a Minister let alone running the education ministry. This goes to show you do not need a PhD to run a a ministry but must possess the necessary leadership skills first and foremost

    21st December 2012

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