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Need for an Inclusive Cabinet

Need for an Inclusive Cabinet

Equitable distribution of cabinet positions can foster national peace and unity and consequently strengthen our hard won democracy. Inversely, a biased sharing of cabinet posts can be a recipe for discontentment.

Therefore, as we anxiously await the official pronouncement of President Ernest Bai Koroma’s second cabinet, I am expecting ministers will be drawn from all regions and all facets of society so that we can boast of broad cabinet that will represent nationwide interest.

President Koroma’s critics condemn his outgoing cabinet as being regionally biased with a greater percentage of ministers appointed from one region.

President Koroma must now try to shame his critics by appointing an all regional and all sectional cabinet to enhance national peace and unity. His Excellency must give the disabled group at least one cabinet position to appease them.  Some disabled people can be excellent cabinet ministers.

I believe a cabinet drawn from all regions and all sectors of this nation can save President Korma from being accused of bias and can make room for the involvement of all and sundry in national development.

When everybody participates meaningfully in governance, nobody for any failure and the feeling of marginalization will vanish.

It is more advisable to appoint cabinet ministers based on competence and not on the basis of compensation for party loyalty.

Although academic excellence is not everything about good governance as many academics have failed this nation, but it is also very advisable to appoint ministers who are academically strong enough to address any global forum and advocate for this republic.

It is my opinion that the appointment of academically handicapped cabinet ministers can reflect negatively on the globally- recognized academic reputation of our country.

By Joseph Milton Lebbie

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  • Any inclusive Cabinet by a Lame-Docl President Koroma will be couterproductive to the success of APC come 2017. Please Mr. President, don’t do what President Tejan-Kabbah. did. Such an inclusiveness will weaken the Party’s chances of winning the 2017 elections on first round.
    Since you know how to take care of your old friends, make sure all major Cabinet positions have a stronge and parmanent Northwestern base as they overwhelmingly voted for you. If you do , you will be always remembered and protected by your people and the APC party. The political division of APC Northwestern alliance and SLPP Southeastern alliance is going to last for avery long time. It has become an ethno-regional identity in Sierra Leone. Thanks to Sylvia Blyden, Tam-Bayoh and the likes. Let us all pray and hope that no journalist should start to propagage seccesionish ideologies in the near future.

    18th December 2012

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