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Unprofessional Conduct… Lawyers Draw Dagger in Court

Unprofessional Conduct… Lawyers Draw Dagger in Court

On Monday the 10th it was indeed a shock at the Magistrate Court No3 presided over by Magistrate Bonkole Shyllon when two lawyers namely Defence Lawyer Sahid Sesay and prosecuting Lawyer Julian Cole turned the court into a war zone.

The two legal practitioners rained insults at each other which left the jam-packed court at a stand still for 20-30 minutes as they used abusive words such as ass; f…. off, stupid, etc.  The unprofessional conduct was a big surprise to the presiding magistrate, the accused and the complainant respectively.

The two lawyers battled over an ongoing matter which involved two kilogram of gold dust valued at $ 102,000.

The matter is between one John Bernado Nodoe a Nigerian National standing trial for allegedly duping complainant Mustapha Mioduian an Indian national.

Lawyer Sahid was formerly representing the complainant but backed off and announced representation for the accused.

The ugly encounter ensued when lawyer Sahid referred to lawyer Julian Cole as a dirty lawyer that washed his hands with other senior dirty lawyers.

In his reply to that lawyer Cole repeated the same words of Sesay.

Sahid later informed court that he has been approached by very senior lawyers and judges including the Secretary General of the General Legal Council ,Yada Williams, that he was wrong to have acted as prosecution lawyer and then turned around as defence lawyer, that the matter is before the complainant committee of the General Legal Council, and as such Sesay is not qualified to represent any party until the matter is thoroughly investigated.

Notwithstanding his standing down lawyers R A Nylender, RAD Jones, H. Koroma and S.K Koroma respectively made representations for the accused.

The matter was mentioned today wherein the witness was cross examined by the lead defence counsel SK Koroma who asked if there are any licenses for the sale of gold dust, of which the defendant answered in the negative.  He alleged that he paid the said money to the accused who did not issue any receipt and the transaction was done between himself and a Co- investment company in Sierra Leone.

The matter was adjourned to the 14th  December, 2012.

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