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Election Violence Sabotaging Nationalism in Sierra Leone

Election Violence Sabotaging Nationalism in Sierra Leone

I am tempted to put my pen on the philosophy of love and in extension to national unity and peace: which is also the greatest spiritual and moral commandment handed to man by the almighty God, “Love thy neighbor as thy self’ in the book of Genesis.

As I say and will continue to say ‘the spirit our existence as a nation and people rests on the element that we all have been shaped under one common identity, united as Sierra Leoneans’.

The rend and trend of reckless and needless election violence spanning from political fanatics have been hindering the tenets of our constitution and the peace of the nation.

It appeared that certain sects of party supporters and active politicians cannot sell their ideas through competitive dialoging based approach, except through rogue, crooked and violence based conundrum the ‘pa o pa’ phraseology.

No soon as the whistle was blown sweeping in the monsoon of political campaigns, political schemes, sadists, and bringers of diabolism started machinating provocations of all kinds, all in a bid to tool around the sacred culture of peace and tranquility our people through undiluted hate content messages in the name of ‘change agents’.

Violence seems to be garnering weight of momentum amongst some political gurus, one needs no evidence, but only to scan through the literature of their political discourse you could find your answer. Comments like: we are not going to tolerate political intimidation without retaliating further, by few people who called themselves state-men or working to be one are indeed reckless and un-nationalistic.

Only yesterday a man was beaten and lost his car through vandalizing act at the Saint John roundabout just because he was expressing his political freedom of choosing party regalia bearing the emblem of red. This simple democratic value cannot be stomached by certain party hoodlums and power drunkards who left their fellow citizen for the hospital. This uncultured act was carried out by no lesser political party, but the one that prouds itself with the spirit of ‘one people one country philosophy’, forensic the act only spells doom and cast negatives as against the kind of leaders we are breeding for the mere feature.

Another isolated incident is a case of where the flag-bearer of the SLPP party Julius Maada Bio was not welcomed in the spirit of democracy and as a Sierra Leonean, especially the leader of the second most powerful political party in the country at the Dwarzark community is despicable and militates against nationalism.

Irrespective of what political affiliations one shares we must consider ourselves as a people sharing one passport, not a tribal or regional one. We live in a de-tribal-sing society; wherein in our schooling endeavors and social up-bringing we don’t chose our friends and relatives wives and husbands, sons and daughter base on tribal or regional background. 

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