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Koroma’s Rising Sun Shone a Perfect Day

Koroma’s Rising Sun Shone a Perfect Day

It appeared subtle to many in the opposition camps that just the eve of President Koroma’s nomination procession at the country’s National Electoral Commission (NEC) scheduled last Thursday was been gripped with the scotching heat of the sun rays as the new color of our nationalism. It’s the new aura of a strong political sense by the people of this country. When many social and political pundits wrote-home the report that Sierra Leoneans had never in the history of this nation gathered so much passion and love for one man, especially a political figure, I was left scrutinizing the comments. Gauging from my inner sense of convictions, but it weighs me down, by the cleared picture shown in the streets of the country that such a comment was well documented and carries weight of truth. The leadership of Ernest Bai Koroma has been awarded several nomenclatures by youths and the aged alike. Prominent of all is the name ‘messi’ now synonymous to the world best of our Sierra Leonean politics.

His reign in office has been marred with several development strides putting the nation again in the right place in the globe where it once belonged’. This action oriented leadership culture of the president has already earned him a place in the pages of contemporary African leaders that had demonstrated strong leadership will, wit, and caliber to better the lives of their people. With the creation of better environment to favor future livelihood of it people.

The Koroma Leadership is heading for pastures green. Before the auspicious date of nomination is drawing closer it appeared that the people of this country cannot wait for the polls to demonstrate their love and favor for one man they say ‘Sierra Leone Worth one good man’s praise’. From the streets of Freetown stretching forth across other parts of the country were being painted with the color of the rising sun ‘red’. Queues of people otherwise called party supporters and sympathizers of the president were seen partying around with the colors of All People’s Congress (APC), chanting the famous Krio slogan the ‘De Pa De Wok’. These love-factor-demonstrations sent shockwaves down the spines of the writer, friends and some foes alike.

It is widely believed that since ‘the beginning of time of the existence of this great nation, unto the current face of time’ the nation has never got hold of one man they believed is promoting the ideals and principles of its statehood. One they called a paternity leader (father-like-figure), the inception and leadership clout demonstrated by the ‘Pa’ in his few years of governance has heralded him as the ‘Moses’ of the nation.

The signs are clear, our cries have been answered, with the bearer of our political torch and treasure, Sierra Leoneans believe President Ernest Bai Koroma will guard it, carry it in his two term tenure and deliver it safely to the next generation.

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