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Election Fever: No Brother’s interest worth your blood

Election Fever: No Brother’s interest worth your blood

Contemporaneously, every added second to the clock in Sierra Leone offers the explosion of ‘saviours’, ‘true patriots’, ‘ameliorators’ or what have you to take this beloved nation to the promise status it has been craving for since independence. God help us.

Truth, the wise say, it is hard, but must be told. Frankly speaking, if a frog does not produce tail at a tender age, it is very unlikely to do so in an adult age. This has nothing to do with pessimism. Among the thousands of contestants for the various designations for the November 17, 2012 elections, one would discover an infinitesimal number possessing the true spirit of a ‘saviour’ or a patriot. The philosophy of ‘self first’ has overwhelmed and sealed ‘others first’ – the political system propagates nothing but the promotion of self interest at an in-depth level while deceiving the electorates at a surface level. God help them.

It is high time we understood that the evil men do lives with them and not after them any longer. Nobody is cursed here.

Our God-sent ‘saviours’ must be told that the peace our country enjoys today is the very last thing we wish to divorce. To all those who believe they should never lose; they should at once and/or immediately refrain from taking part in the contest. Even the coin has two sides: star and crown. In any contest, there must be a winner, but that should not warrant the losers to react using ugly means. It has come to light that the very people, who believe they should have victory at all cost, are often first and quick to cry fowl.

Another important role our ‘Saviours’ should constantly be playing is the sensitization of those we often call ‘die-hearted supporters’ regarding the spirit of patriotism, appreciating and protecting the principles of democracy and democratization. Until we have aspirants that are enthusiastic to promote such ideals, they should not be seen as true ‘saviours’ this land is craving for.

The land that we love is anticipating having true patriots who put country above self interest first. For these saviors, blood of their compatriot worth more than a careless spill. Every vote counts and every citizen is a patriot by this expectation. Until we achieve this, then the true ‘saviours’ are born.

By M.S. Biro (The Pen)

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