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Begging votes from an unsuspecting electorate

Begging votes from an unsuspecting electorate

As we count down fifty-one days to the national polls, various aspirants busy themselves out in the field canvassing votes from unsuspecting and gullible electorates.

A Greek poet once quoted ‘blow, blow, the winter winds blow, showing how man’s ingratitude is harder to bear than nature’s cruelty.’

Marvelous politicians of nowadays do not know the people up until election period before they can meadow the spaces of the interest area to show what their plans for these voters are. This is absolutely a wrong posture to winning hearts and minds.

The rubrics of politics are centered on the welfare of the governed rather than personal aggrandizement as is the case of the crop of politicians breeding in Sierra Leone. The desperate attempts made by our political figures to sway the minds of voters end after polling day.

Many a time people have to go in search of their representatives when struck by burning issues of national concern which also questions their sincerity of purpose. In fact, sincerity is supposed to be the bedrock of political dispensation and suffice it is to hold the views that there are definitely some good fellows in the political arena, and these are worth emulating because there is something they can indeed show for it.

Building the trust of the people is by the disposition of a politician and whatever confidence that might have been eroded in selfish natured politicians can be rebuilt by what is there to show even before entering into the game of politics. The idea of constructing taps for portable water, rehabilitation of tottering bridges, awarding of scholarships and doling out support to religious bodies and football clubs a few months before elections is considered redundant and deliberate.

Politics is about impacting people’s lives in a way that an indelible print will stain hearts and minds of the people.

Now that political figures are luring votes from an unsuspecting electorate, it will be expedient that they return back to them after assumption of the various positions for ideas and views on how to move development to higher heights.

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