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Press Release – APC Diaspora Campaign Group

Press Release – APC Diaspora Campaign Group

Termination of five Executives and two other members of the APC Diaspora Campaign Group (APCDCG) caught in the midst of embezzlement scandal 

From: The Office of the Chairman/ Executive Director
To: APC National Party and World Wide
Date: August 28, 2012 

Dear Mambu J. Koroma:

I had expected much from you being the President of the great Dallas chapter and a member of the APC Diaspora Campaign Group. I had expected you to refrain from defrauding the party by embezzling its funds for self aggrandizement.

Since you lured me into convincing members of the APC Diaspora Campaign to host a joint venture event with the Dallas chapter so we can raise funds to help contribute to the campaign funds of our President and Leader of our party (APC), His Excellency Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma, you and the rest of your proponents, namely: Cornelius Macarthy – Secretary general, Dallas chapter and Financial Director of APC Diaspora Campaign Group; Mrs. Juliana Daboh, Social Secretary, Dallas chapter and Marketing Director of APCDCG; Hawa Bowman, Deputy Social Secretary of Dallas chapter and Director of Recruitment and personnel of APCDCG.; Mr. Sheik Daboh, member of Dallas chapter and Deputy Director of Production of APCDCG; Pastor John Kanu, Deputy Secretary General of Dallas chapter and member of APCDCG; and Mr. Patrick Jackson, member of Dallas chapter and member of APC Diaspora Campaign Group; you all have connived to embezzle the party’s funds and causing a great set back to derail the mission of APCDCG.  You have deliberately boycott four consecutive meetings since we had the fundraiser in your territory, and you have defiantly refused to produce a comprehensive financial report or even have the courtesy to give me a call to tell me what happened to the funds. We have less than a week’s dead line as from today to ship our inventories to help in the campaign according to our business plan, but up till now, you have demonstrated nothing, but poor statesmanship and your ineptitude to lead – you have neither returned the APCDCG’s initial investment nor its profit or return on investment (ROI).

Mr. Mambu J. Koroma, you have done a great job undermining and successfully derailing the mission of the APC Diaspora Campaign Group and attempted to destruct the campaign process of the APC party to win the 2012 Presidential, Parliamentary, and Chiefdom elections in Sierra Leone.

Your behavior demonstrated nothing less than a criminal act through lack of transparency.

Therefore, acting in my official capacity as Chairman and Executive Director of the APC Diaspora Group, I consider your action criminal and surmountable to punitive action.  In this regard, I am compelled to act in accordance with the proviso of our Bye-laws – APC Diaspora Campaign Group (Section IV (4) to terminate all of you from acting in your positions indefinitely and suspend your membership with immediate effect until further notice.

I will bring your senseless behavior to the notice of the APC senior party officials.


Momodu Mohamed Musa Bangura, a.k.a. M. Bangs
Founder, Chairman/Executive Director,
APC Diaspora Campaign Group
c.c. to: 
His Excellency, Ambassador Bockarie K. Stevens
Hon. Alhaji Alpha Kanu
Hon. E.T. Kamara
Hon. Leonard Balogun (Logus)Koroma
Ms. Nannette Thomas, 2nd. In Command, Attitudinal Change
Mr. Agibu T. Jalloh, Deputy Executive Director, Ministry of Political and Public Affairs & Liaison officer to the President’s Office, State House
Chairman Al-Aziz Turay, A.P.C./N.A,
Chairman Mohamed Taqi, A.P.C. Canada
Mrs. Florence Bangura, V.P., Dallas chapter
Motto: “Strategic goals set; results oriented.”

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