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Mr. President – Beware of the Battle!

Mr. President – Beware of the Battle!

Recent proceedings over the trial involving the Mayor of Freetown, Herbert George Williams and eight others charged by the country’s Anti Corruption Commission (ACC) for crimes related to breach of procurement procedures, mismanagement of public funds, etc., at the High Court of this nation has today been questioned after the verdict delivered was in favor of the eight accused.  This outcome by the court has raised public eyebrows that the justice delivered is considered as rubber-stamped and highly doctored, an attempt to pull the wool over the eyes of the ordinary Sierra Leonean.

The outcome of the verdict lends credence to the saying of President Barack Obama of the United States of America in his first visit to Africa addressing the Ghanaian House of Parliament, “Africa doesn’t need great leaders but great institutions that will channel the ideals and principles of its states.”  The literature behind these words may not be unconnected to some of the inaction and actions which embedded as culture demonstrated by institutions that trust is highly placed-upon.

Mr. President it might interest you to know that the people of this country are quite happy about your vision of moving this country forward, but questioned, they will not accept yesterday’s mistakes as the punishment of today’s global evergreen development society. Our people have been fooled by the age old political practice of our forbearers thereby costing the future of us current day predecessors, we are the gift of modern day politics, highly educated, socially schooled, and we have transcended all barriers that were often projected to stifle and lock the minds of people into mental slavery.

One doesn’t need to be a lawyer to interpret a case where billions of tax payers money is being siphoned, especially where state players are involved, or does it mean that all the cases put forward by the ACC were cooked? If that is so, the ordinary man will start asking questions of who is to believe, if those who are supposed to be better placed and educated than us have put down their thinking caps for a few dollar bills and political gimmicks, posterity and the oath of conscience will judge them.

We are moving into the dawn of light, a sigh of relief where nationalism supersedes tribe, region, color, and even religion; so Mr. President I know you are having tireless sleep over the piles of cracks you need to cement in this nation, but I implore you to bear in mind that “since the beginning of time unto the end of time the great forces and religions on earth left to dominate every era of life, is the love for humanity”.  Those who have mortgaged the nation’s pride and integrity will contend with moral and social justice as the embers of destruction await them.

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