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The justice system has been a thorn in the flesh of good governance and sustainable peace in our country. The absence of efficient dispensation of justice due to

It goes without saying that reforms in the criminal justice system can be called for at a better time than now. Justice itself is a public good that should

Having been accused of manipulating the Sierra Leone Judiciary in its desperation to get the speakership of the Sierra Leone House of Parliament by fictitiously slamming some foolish

A report on the Human Rights and Justice Sector has exposed the ruling all Peoples Congress (APC) on its woeful performance in the said area of governance for

Dear friends,  July 17, On this day, we reflect on the progress made in the long struggle for accountability, particularly the adoption of the Rome Statute on July

Every Sierra Leonean is subject to the application of the law, and by logical extension, the Judiciary of Sierra Leone. The principle of the Rule of Law is

It is an open secret that in Sierra Leone, justice is often times delayed, and consequently, denied. Many foreign investors who fall victim to fraudsters have their cases

Contrary to utterances and opinions being expressed lately regarding the handling of Anti-Corruption cases in the Judiciary, the Judiciary wishes to state that its primary focus and vision

A team of bailiffs last weekend stormed a popular garage in the Eastern Community of Rokupa known as ‘WanWord’ garage, leaving behind damage worth well over Le150 Million. Explaining